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This list compiled by provides a wealth of how-to information on tinkering with the ubiquitous Arduino microcontroller.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

October 9, 2023

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The Arduino microcontroller can be the basis for many interesting projects.Arduino has compiled a list of top sites that provide a wealth of how-to information on tinkering with the ubiquitous Arduino microcontroller.

The Arduino microcontroller is a powerful, flexible controller can enable many innovative projects, whether they involve games, lighting, home electronics, or other systems. But with so many potential uses, where does one start? While there are listings of favorite Arduino projects, we would not be doing justice to the design engineering community by listing only projects. Instead, thanks to the site, Design News decided to come up with a list of well-regarded sites for Arduino projects.

These sites were selected by  for their breadth and depth of projects, presentation of project information, and user feedback. The list follows below.


Arduino Project Hub

Arduino Project Hub is Arduino’s official repository and boasts more than 10,000,000 projects shared. All projects must provide information such the bill of materials (BOM) of electronic components, assembly information, and code. 

Number of Arduino projects: 10,000,000+ (or compatible with)

Type of feedback: “Respect” button and comments

Account required: Yes



Instructables, as the name indicates, is a community dedicated to sharing instructions. While this includes subjects other than Arduino, users can filter the results to focus on Arduino projects.

Number of Arduino projects: 24,000+

Type of feedback: Community makes of projects, comments, and tips

Account required: Yes is a coding and electronics platform where engineers can find information and projects about many boards, not just Arduino. However, users can sort projects by platform to limit the projects displayed to those that use some kind of Arduino board.

The site allows one to see how many people have viewed and liked a project, as well as save the project in a library for later, as well as comment.

Number of Arduino projects: 6,700+

Type of feedback: Likes and comments

Account required: Yes


How to Mechatronics

How to Mechatronics, as the name indicates, is a site dedicated to mechatronic projects. In this case, projects aren’t proposed by the community but rather by the site’s team, who conceive and try out the projects before sharing them. There are only about 40 Arduino projects, but they’re all precisely explained.

Number of Arduino projects: ~40

Type of feedback: Comments

Account required: No


Maker Pro

Maker Pro is a website with projects covering 3D printing, radios, audio, internet of things (IoT), mobile apps, robotics, and Google Home. The website features a wide range of Arduino projects posted by the community, ranging from voice-controlled robots to a burglar alarm

Number of Arduino projects: 300+

Type of feedback: Contributions to projects and comments

Account required: No



Miliohm‘s site has about 60 different projects on Arduino, and it’s also possible to find projects done with other boards. The projects are organized by date, with a new one posted every month.

The projects are more focused on basics and generally center around trying different things with a specific component, like a temperature sensor or using relays. The projects shared include a written explanation as well as a video explanation.

Number of Arduino projects: ~60

Type of feedback: Not directly on the page, but you can like, dislike, and comment on their YouTube videos

Account required: No


Circuit Digest

Circuit Digest has over 300 articles focused on Arduino, with content focused on other boards or on different electronic components like relays, timers, sensors, and so on. The projects are posted by different members of their team and are displayed chronologically.

The projects tend to be highly technical, focusing particularly on signal issues.

Number of Arduino projects: 300+

Type of feedback: Comments

Account required: Yes


Simple Circuit

Simple Circuit, similar to the previous selection, centers on projects about signal measurement and treatment. This makes these two sites stand out, as most of the other sites on this list are either really varied or focus on moving mechatronics like cars and robots.

Number of Arduino projects: ~120

Type of feedback: Comments and inquiries through a contact form

Account required: No



Hackaday has over 4,600 Arduino projects and even more that focus on other kinds of electronics. The projects are very varied, from LED stair lights to piloting Roombas and walking robots. On this site, users can log in and see how many people have seen, liked, and followed a project. Users can also leave comments as well as save projects by following them.

The descriptions include diagrams for the electrical logic and actual wiring. An interesting added feature is that there doesn’t have to be a sole author for a project. If all authors have registered as users, one can link co-authors to a project, making it ideal for teams who want to share their project.

Number of Arduino projects: 4,600+

Type of feedback: Likes, comments, and ability to follow projects or authors

Account required: Yes


Electronics Hub

Electronics Hub has 200+ articles centered around Arduino. The page doesn’t necessarily offer the tutorials but rather offers a curated list of 200+ quality projects tried by their team. The list is a mix of their own projects and others shared in different communities.

Even though they’re technically not all offered by Electronics Hub directly, the curated list saves the user the trouble of finding a good tutorial he or she can trust. Users can sort the list by date, theme, or difficulty. The comments section can be used to provide project feedback.  

Number of Arduino projects: 200+

Type of feedback: Comments

Account required: No



YouTube provides the advantage of showing a project visually. Searching using keywords as simple as “Arduino Projects” makes it easy for users to find projects that fit their interest. Many Arduino projects showcased on different sites even use YouTube videos for their explanations, so it makes sense to look directly there.

Number of Arduino projects: Not specified

Type of feedback: Likes, dislikes, comments, and ability to add videos to playlists

Account required: Yes




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