What Can DIYers Find at a Vintage Computer Show?

Plenty of computers and parts to be sure, but also classes and panel discussions.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

May 31, 2024

VCF East is a popular show with computer hobbyists.
Vintage computer shows such as VCF East remain popular with DIYers looking for parts and systems to tinker with.Userlandia

At a Glance

  • Computers and parts from machines of yesteryear were in abudnance at this recent vintage computer show.

Stores selling parts to DIYers fiddling with electronics devices and computers have drastically dwindled as commerce has moved online, but brick-and-mortar outlets are not dead. Besides several outlets that appear to be popular with hobbyists, there are also computer fairs, some roving shows that move between different cities, which give DIYers a convenient option when a store is not nearby.

Recently, a video on the YouTube channel Userlandia, which explores tech history, documented the moderator’s visit in April to the Vintage Computer Federation (VCF) East Show in the town of Wall in New Jersey. As the name implies, the show specializes in older parts and systems for both PC and Mac platforms, as well as books, gaming parts, and accessories. The moderator takes viewers on a tour of the show’s numerous booths and tables. But the show is more than a just a swapfest. There are also classes on programming, DIY skills, and even basic electronics skills such as soldering. Speaker-led sessions give deep dives into programming, computer and gaming history and development, and even blogging.

A veteran of previous VCF shows, the moderator also discusses the logistics of setting up and operating these events, which contrary to what some might think is far more than renting a space and setting up tables. He discussed the issues the show planners face in setting up registration, table space, parking, inventory management, even food services. Overview, the moderator gives the show positive reviews.

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You can view the video of the show here.

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