Top YouTube Channels for DIY Electronics Hobbyists

These video channels provide plenty of project ideas, tips, and even entertainment for the electronics do-it-yourselfer.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

June 12, 2024

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YouTube sites abound for electronics DIYers.
A bin full of YouTube sites are available to help electronics DIYers through projects of all types and complexities.Jeevan GB/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

YouTube has become much more than a source of entertaining videos. Nowadays, you can find plenty of practical videos in areas such as home improvement, auto mechanics, food preparation, and for the maker community, do-it-yourself electronics.

Not surprisingly, there are many YouTube channels for the do-it-yourself electronics hobbyist. With the help of online searches and ChatGPT, Design News has compiled a list of some of most popular YouTube channels for the DIYer. These channels stand out due to their high-quality content, instructional videos, and engaging projects. In addition, the creators behind some of these channels have quirky, engaging personalities that further add to the viewing experience.

This list is only a partial compilation of the many DIY resources available on YouTube. Feel free to let us know about other useful channels for electronics DIYers.

Happy tinkering!

@greatscottlab, 1.95M subscribers

This channel focuses on a wide range of electronics projects, tutorials, and product reviews. It offers clear explanations and thorough project walkthroughs.


More than just a site to learn electronics, ElectroBOOM combines humor with educational content about electronics. On the serious side, it gives practical demonstrations, emphasizing safety and common pitfalls.

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EEVblog (Electronics Engineering Video Blog)
@EEVblog, 939K subscribers

Hosted by tinkerer Dave Jones, this channel offers in-depth reviews, tutorials, and industry insights. It offers "teardown" videos taking apart various electronics devices, sprinkled with a generous dose of Jones’s quirky humor.

Adafruit Industries
@adafruit, 448K subscribers

Adafruit was founded in 2005 by MIT engineer Limor "Ladyada" Fried. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Adafruit has expanded offerings to include tools, equipment, and electronics that Limor personally selects, tests, and approves before going in to the Adafruit store. Covers tutorials and projects using Adafruit's products.

Jeremy Blum
@sciguy14, 173K subscribers

Arduino expert Jeremy Blum hosts this channel that provides tutorials on Arduino, robotics, and other electronics projects. It provides clear, step-by-step instructional videos and delves into all aspects of Arduino electronics and related subjects.

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The Ben Heck Show
Heck, who also has an older YouTube channel called Ben Heck Hacks, features a mix of electronics projects, product teardowns, and build challenges on this YouTube channel.

element14 presents
@element14presents, 765K subscribers

Element14 showcases a variety of projects and tutorials from different makers. This channel covers both Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms as well as general electronics hacking.

Learn Electronics
@learnelectronics, 166K subscribers

Learn Electronics focuses on basic to advanced electronics concepts and projects featuring various electronics components and instruments. While there are projects for more experienced DIYers, the channel also offers useful tips to beginners, including clear explanations of fundamental electronics principles.

@hackaday, 196K subscribers‧

Hackaday is a diversified DIY electronics channel featuring project videos, tutorials, and electronics news. The channel is known for innovative and often unconventional electronics projects, for instance a fire-breathing piranha plant.

Afrotech Mods
@Afrotechmods, 794K subscribers

Afrotechmods offers straight-to-the point electronics tutorial videos with practical examples taught by a professional electronics engineer.

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