STMicroelectronics Release New PWM Controllers

November 9, 2007

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STMicroelectronics Release New PWM Controllers

STMicroelectronics recently released its family of pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers intended for point of load (POL) and motherboard markets. The family includes four new products, the L6726A, L6727, L6728 and L6728A. The L6726A and L6727 are single-phase PWM controllers with embedded high-current drivers, which enable the creation of general purpose DC-DC step-down converters.

The L6728 and L6728A share features of the L6726A and L6727 but also have the characteristics required by the high-end motherboard market. These characteristics include plus or minus 0.8-percent voltage accuracy over line and temperature variations, a PowerGOOD output to provide real-time information on output-voltage status and the chip-scale 10-lead DFN package.

In addition to motherboards, these controllers can be used in modems, set-top boxes, consumer applications and DC/DC downconverters. They are particularly suited for servers and non-isolated Point of Load (niPOL) applications and with embedded high-current, high-speed N-channel MOSFET drivers, the chips can be used in the design of power applications driving a few Amps to more than 30A.

The controllers operate over a wide range of input voltage, 1.5V to 18V. The L6726A and L6727 are currently in production and are priced at $0.50 in quantities of 1,000. STMicroelectronics will have the L6728 and L6728A in production by the end of 2007, but samples are currently available.

The L6727 and L6728A are two of the four new PWM controllers available from STMicroelectronics.

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