Watch this moving but educational tribute to Pi Day.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

March 12, 2024

A moving tribute to Pi Day.
The YouTube site Everyday Science performs a clever song-and-dance tribute to Pi Day.YouTube

Pi Day is March 14, when the world celebrates the mathematical constant of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is 3.14, which is written as π. The constant is important in many scientific calculations and has long played an important role in engineering.

The meaning of π may be lost upon many younger people who dread mathematics. But not all is lost. In this clever YouTube video, a group of younger people gather for a Pi Day celebration thinking they will have pie, only to have the female host (she is part of the video’s hosting site Everyday Science) breaking into a mathematically-themed parody of the pop music group NSYNC’s popular video from two decades ago “Bye Bye Bye”. The other people shown in the video’s opening, plus numerous others, join in for the singing and dancing with clever lyrics explaining why Pi─and mathematics─are an important element in education.

The video does happily end with the group eating real pie and one member looking forward to Mole Day, which happens to be October 23.

You can move to the video here.

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