Keystone Electronics' 6V Coin Cell Retainers

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

1 Min Read
Keystone Electronics' 6V Coin Cell Retainers

KeystoneElectronics introduces a new series of insulated low-profile Coin Cell Retainersdesigned to protect the battery from shorting if inserted incorrectly. Thesenew retainers also allow the user to stack two 20 mm cells on top of each otherto achieve 6V of power from the same board footprint or for single cell 3-Vapplications. The retainers are rugged yet lightweight, with clearly markedpolarity, and are designed for both lead free solder and traditional reflowprocesses. The solder tails, located outside the insulating material, supportvisual inspection systems. There are no other battery-holder products like itavailable on the market with the durability and design flexibility.

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