April 10, 2006

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Price: $11.81 each in quantities of 10,000

Targeting industrial applications, such as high-performance ac and dc drives or servo drives for precisely controlling electric motors in machines and manufacturing processes, the TC1161 and its TC1162 counterpart offer real-time control, DSP performance and application-specific peripherals. Based on Infineon's TriCore architecture, the units have a high-performance, 66-MHz CPU, 1 Mbyte of embedded Flash memory, and motor-control peripherals in a single package. Instead of a separate MCU, DSP and PWM ASIC, the units' unified software environment simplifies firmware complexity. Peripherals include a flexible timer unit for PWM generation, fast multi channel ADCs, a MultiCAN module (TC1162 only), asynchronous, and synchronous serial interfaces (ASC/SSC), and a Micro Link Interface (MLI) for interfacing to a second controller. Units operate at a 1.5V core supply voltage (3.3V I/O) and are available in a PG-LQFP-176 package for the operating temperature range from -40 to +85C.

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