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Evolution of Transistor Innovation

This Intel video looks at some of the process innovations in transistor technology over the years.

While today's semiconductors feature the latest process innovations that are often projected on technology roadmaps of major suppliers, these innovations all descend from the humble transistor, which was first unveiled by Bell Labs 75 years ago. 

In this short but concise video, semiconductor maker Intel looks at how the first transistor has evolved over the years, through shrinking dimensions, more layers, and additional wavelengths of light that allowed the printing of smaller, more efficient transistors. Improved materials made for better leakage characteristics and higher transistor speeds, and gate structure innovations made further performance improvements possible. 


image courtesy of Sergiy Tryapitsyn / Alamy transistorevolution.jpg

All modern electronic semiconductors owe their existence to the transistor, first developed in 1947.


The video also mentions that complex patterning techniques helped semiconductor makers to produce even smaller, more complex transistors, and innovations in lithography and other processes will continue advancing transistor technology forward. 

You can view the video here.


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