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May 16, 2005

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For miniature applications

Designed for applications where limited space is a factor, the MAS10-256-G is reportedly one of the smallest absolute rotary encoders in the industry. It measures 13 mm in diameter and 17.5 mm high. It is designed for a variety of applications, including medical devices, instrumentation, and robotics. It delivers 8 bits of absolute position information with a gray code, parallel output. It is capable of operating within a 0-60C range, and it can measure the rotary process as fast as 6,000 rpm.
CUI Inc.


Durable design

The company's size 8 captive linear actuator is designed with an HIS patented integral anti-rotation mechanism. It is suitable for applications in which external anti-rotation methods would be difficult or impossible to employ. It features engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel Acme lead screw. It is available in resolutions ranging from 0.0015 to 0.04 mm per step, and it delivers thrusts of up to 4.5 kg.
Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.


Rated up to 50A

The PAF600F280 series is designed as a high-efficiency family of 600W full-brick dc-dc converters with a nominal input of 300V dc. They are suitable for systems using distributed high-voltage dc power architecture and for users designing custom off-line power supplies. It is rated up to 50A and is available with 12, 24, 28, and 48V outputs. Features include over-current and over-voltage protection, remote sensing, output adjustment trim, remote on/off, current-sharing capability, a converter-good signal, as well as auxiliary voltage for housekeeping functions.


Electronics upgraded

The electronics of the QTERM-G70 and QTERM-G75 rugged graphics operator interface terminals has been upgraded. New hardware features a 400 MHz Intel® XScale core platform with 8 Mbytes of Flash memory and 32 Mbytes RAM. They are designed for rugged industrial and vehicle environments, and they feature Ethernet-enabled color touch screens. The products use the company's object-based programming environment named Qlarity.
QSI Corp.


Detects fluorescent agents

The CZ-H52 UV sensor detects the presence of fluorescent agents used in a wide variety of products and packaging materials. It emits a UV light beam from the transmitter in the sensor head; the receiver picks up the visible light reflected by fluorescent materials. The product detects materials that are not only invisible to the naked eye but also cannot be detected by ordinary photoelectric sensors. Background colors and patterns do not affect sensor performance.
Keyence Corp. of America


Completes projects faster, cheaper

The FactoryFloor 4.1 industrial automation software suite is designed for use with the company's line of process automation controllers, typically combined with the company's SNAP Ethernet I/O and SNAP Serial I/O products. Using the software, users can develop powerful and diverse control programs; design human machine interfaces; expand control systems' connectivity to enterprise databases; and complete control and data acquisition projects faster, at lower costs, and more easily. It includes new security and auditing features for controlling and logging operator HMI use.
Opto 22


256 digital inputs

Compatible with the company's SynqNet network, the family of modular SynqNet I/O products is comprised of a SynqNet Interface Device (SQID) and flexible analog and digital add-on boards that provide machine builders with a modular and cost-effective high-count I/O solution. It can be easily integrated to work with existing machine I/O, and is also offered as part of a developer kit solution for custom OEM solutions. The product family provides up to 256 digital inputs and outputs and 16 analog inputs and outputs per SQID. Motion Engineering Inc.


Data received in single pass

The company has introduced a local interconnect network (LIN)-controlled alternator-regulator for next-generation vehicles. It is designed to optimize performance in intelligent automotive charging systems for increased efficiency and improved fuel economy. It offers integrated programmable load response control features, programmable field excitation of current or temperature, and regulator feedback of fault status. It can be addressed for compatibility with up to 15 other modules on the bus, and all data can be transmitted or received in a single pass.
International Rectifier


Delivers high-speed error-proofing as well as inspections

Able to accurately sense and evaluate more than 10,000 objects per minute, the P4 EDGE is fit for validating the height and width of parts, finding the location of labels, or detecting the edge of materials such as plastic or paper on a Web operation. Other features also make it easy to deploy and be operational quickly. For applications where product lines are constantly being changed, a remote TEACH feature allows the sensor to learn new elements it will need to inspect without connecting to a PC or shutting down the line. It can interface to machines and factory networks via its built-in 10/100 Ethernet connection, RS-232, or discrete input/outputs. Included mounting brackets facilitate easy location of the P4 EDGE sensors on machines or conveyors. The units feature three bicolor LED indicators to clearly show unit status during setup and operation.
Banner Engineering


Low power, low voltage

Intended for consumer, medical, and general applications for barometric pressure/altitude, the MS5534B is an SMD-hybrid device including a piezo-resistive pressure sensor and an ADC-interface IC. It provides a 16-bit data word from a pressure- and temperature-dependent voltage. Additionally the module contains six readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration of the sensor. The MS5534B comes with automatic power down (on/off) switching, and a three-wire interface for all communications with a microcontroller. Sensor packaging options are plastic or metal cap. Compared to the previous generation, the temperature range has been improved (-40 to +125C) as well as the pressure range (measurement down to vacuum). Other improvements have been made with ESD sensitivity, current consumption, and converter accuracy. Servoflo Corp.


Intrinsically linear

The new "ILAPS" noncontact angular position sensor provides intrinsically linear output over 120-degree maximum travel without the need for electrical compensation. According to the company, it is fit for pedal, throttle, and valve position sensing. Complete technical information and a free product sample are available upon request.
Cherry Electrical Products


Miniature in size

The 208 is reportedly the smallest two-phase hybrid stepper to date. This 1.8-degree bipolar NEMA 8 miniature step motor is intended for applications where space is limited. The motor measures 0.79-inch square and is available in two stack sizes: 1.30 and 1.69 inches in length. Although it weighs a mere 0.13 lbs, it is still capable of up to 4.2 oz-inches of holding torque depending on stack size. The 208 is also available with a standard rear shaft extension. Suitable applications are medical, communications, semiconductor, and robotics. Lin Engineering


With nontraditional housings

Nontraditional housing styles are exemplified on the Bi20R-Q14-LU ring style and the Wi70-M18-LIU5 probe style sensors. These analog sensors are specified with a repeatability of less than 0.5 percent and linearity of 3 percent. The Bi20R-Q14-LU is a three-wire, 15-30V dc sensor with a 0-10V output in a ring-style housing with a 20-mm diameter hole. This sensor is fit for the identification and sorting of small parts (such as screws) as the sensor generates a different output signal for each size part. Position control applications can be resolved with the Bi20R-Q14-LU by means of a cone-shaped target as well as the detection or measurement of tools (such as drill bits). The Wi70-M18-LIU5 is a four-wire, 15-30V dc analog sensor with either a 0-10V or 4-20 mA output. Housed in a standard 18-mm barrel, the 75-mm probe has a linear operating distance of 70 mm. This probe style sensor can detect all metals and can be used in a variety of areas, such as the positioning of metal parts as they move over the length of the probe.


Comes with sensing fuctions

The D4 Series snap-action switch with Hall-effect technology is tested to 10 million operations and reportedly goes where no switch has gone before. Technical information and a free product sample are available upon request.
Cherry Electrical Products


Allows for quick setup and changeover for different job requirements

The MiniSafe Flexible MSF4700 family of safety light curtains are engineered to withstand high shock and vibration environments typical of punch presses and other heavy industrial machinery. Their multi-segmented design allows them to protect up to four different openings by connecting up to four 35 × 50 mm housings in sequence. Protected heights from 150 to 1,800 mm, and resolutions of 14 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm are also available, with any combination thereof being possible. This ability to customize height and resolution for each light curtain segment allows for a true custom fit to the specific machine. In addition, remote fixed-blanking allows for quick setup and changeover for different jobs. The controller is available in a 35- mm DIN IP20 enclosure with 24V dc solid-state safety outputs. It is also available in a 14 gauge steel IP65 lockable enclosure with a choice of solid state or dry contact outputs (mechanical relays).
Scientific Technologies Inc.

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