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June 27, 2005

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Solid state

The 2,500 btu thermoelectric air conditioner has no compressor, refrigerants, or filters. It is designed to provide reliable, maintenance-free cooling in indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed to NEMA 4× standards, the product is suitable for use in operating environments up to 140F. The flush-mount design eliminates protrusion into the enclosure, and it features a built-in adjustable electronic thermostat, high-performance nickel-plated heat sinks, and an integral condensate drip pan.
EIC Solutions Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/4393-588


Full spectrum

The LK Series is a 1W LED module capable of up to 60-lumen output for a variety of general illumination and specialty lighting applications. It uses Cree® XLamp technology, provided in a SMD that is packaged onto an aluminum PCB base, using standard reflow processes to achieve electrical and thermal connections without epoxy. It is designed to offer up to 130 percent more color gamut for greater color saturation, while providing 40-60 lumen outputs.


Reduced installed cost

The company's Factory Line Ethernet family features a new managed compact switch (MCS) that combines high performance with reduced installed cost required for distributed Ethernet applications. The MCS features 16 10/100 TX ports with a multimode fiber option that meets distributed connection requirements. With a working depth of 71 mm, the product can be mounted in enclosures 25 to 35 percent smaller with installed cost savings of 35 percent. It combines full industrialization with the complete range of message filtering, VLAN, redundancy, and security functions to meet the needs of distributed real-time applications.
Phoenix Contacthttp://rbi.ims.ca/4393-590


Allows fast design of board-level products

The PM854 is a small computer on module (COM) that makes all the features of the company's Freescale PowerQUICC MPC8540 available for custom design. It is designed as a complete and autonomous, working industrial computer, allowing the user to decide which kind of available I/O will be used for a certain application. The module makes all MPC8540 I/O signals available, without any restriction together with the local bus. All signals are routed to high density connectors to the carrier board.


Increases PCB fault coverage

ClearVue 3D x-ray technology for detecting PCB solder and production defects is designed to increase quality, efficiency, and simplicity of automated x-ray inspection. According to the company, both quality managers and production line controllers will benefit from its unique ability to identify material issues more quickly and with absolute certainty. The product is designed for densely packed single- or double-sided boards that use BGA-style components and problematic loss of electrical or optical access.


Up to 64 Mbytes Flash

The PM854 and PM826 miriac modules are based on the company's Freescale PowerQUICC-III MPC8540 and MPC8560 processor. DDR-SDRAM technology is designed to additionally increase the performance. All processor and I/O signals, such as Gigabit Ethernet, RapidIO, and PCI-X, are routed to high-density connectors. The size of the PM854 module is 80 × 95 mm². Also available are extended temperature versions: -40 to +85C. Features include a memory management unit and up to 64 Mbytes Flash. Dynatemhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4393-593


Saves time

The company's complete rotary position and speed sensing system meets international CENELC/ATEX hazardous environmental ratings. The intrinsic safety (IS) system consists of a rotary encoder, cable assembly, and an IS barrier. When combined, these components satisfy requirements for a loop-approved, Class I, Division I, Group A, B, C, and D sensing system.
BEI Industrial Encoder Div.http://rbi.ims.ca/4393-594


Reduces footprint by 84 percent

The SOT-723 flat-lead package includes more than 50 small signal transistors and small signal diodes. It uses 1.44 mm2 of printed circuit board area, reportedly improving the silicon-to-package ratio and delivers high power-dissipation performance. Devices to be offered in the package include digital transistors, bipolar transistors, and small signal Schottkys and small signal switching diodes. It has a package dimension of 1.2 × 1.2 × 0.5 mm, and it delivers a footprint reduction of 84 percent.
ON Semiconductorhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4393-595


Delivers high-speed inspections

Able to accurately sense and evaluate more than 10,000 objects per minute, the P4 EDGE is fit for validating the height and width of parts, finding the location of labels, or detecting the edge of materials such as plastic or paper on a Web operation. Other features also make it easy to deploy and be operational quickly. For applications where product lines are constantly being changed, a remote TEACH feature allows the sensor to learn new elements it will need to inspect without connecting to a PC or shutting down the line. It can interface to machines and factory networks via its built-in 10/100 Ethernet connection, RS-232, or discrete input/outputs. Included mounting brackets facilitate easy location of the P4 EDGE sensors on machines or conveyors. The units feature three bicolor LED indicators to clearly show unit status during setup and operation.
Banner Engineeringhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4393-596


Low power, low voltage

Intended for consumer, medical, and general applications for barometric pressure/altitude, the MS5534B is an SMD-hybrid device including a piezo-resistive pressure sensor and an ADC-interface IC. It provides a 16-bit data word from a pressure- and temperature-dependent voltage. Additionally the module contains six readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration of the sensor. The MS5534B comes with automatic power down (on/off) switching, and a three-wire interface for all communications with a microcontroller. Sensor packaging options are plastic or metal cap. Compared to the previous generation, the temperature range has been improved (-40 to +125C) as well as the pressure range (measurement down to vacuum). Other improvements have been made with ESD sensitivity, current consumption, and converter accuracy.
Servoflo Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/4393-597

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