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February 21, 2005

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Mounted from above

The BIM-INR permaprox inductive magnetic sensors are engineered to fit into a 4-mm round-groove on extruded-style cylinders. They are mounted from above instead of sliding into the cylinders' groove, providing easy installation when the cylinder is located in a tight space or when other equipment problems prohibit access to the end of the cylinder. The product contains Magneto-Resistive technology, which is a solid-state construction that holds advantages over similar switch devices. TURCKhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-578



Modular Terminal Blocks for two (part #8728) and three-wire (part #8729) insertion are designed to meet PCB, Test Set, and Quick-Connect requirements. The screwless, push-button devices reportedly assure positive, horizontal entry of solid or stranded #20-18 AWG wire, and feature stainless steel integrated springs from firm wire retention. They mount into pre-drilled or stamped holes and provide brass, tin-plated terminations with stainless steel contacts. Housings are made of Nylon 6/6, UL rated 94V-0. Keystone Electronics Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/4387-579


Provides simple focus adjustment

The company's sensor can reportedly recognize an object as small as a 0.5 mm at a distance of 50m. According to the company, the visible through-beam arrangement provides simple focus adjustment and a reaction time of 100 µsec. It is in a stainless steel housing, and can be used in a variety of applications. Uses include controlling overall height of object, presence or position check in hostile environment, remote sensing of tool breakage, and clear plastic bottle detection, among others. Component Engineeringhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-580


Encased in aluminum housing

The company's LED Light Engines are engineered for designers who want to spread light from a single light source over a wide, flat area. It combines one or more of the company's high-power LEDs with a Lumitex® woven or UniGlo® fiber-optic panel. A special collimating lens captures, then focuses the light from the LEDs to the fiber-optic panel. Encased in an aluminum housing that acts as a heat sink, the assembly provides increased panel brightness by driving these LEDs at a higher current through more efficient heat management, according to the company. Lumitexhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-581


Programmable, non-contact

The Q21R version of the E-Z track line of programmable, non-contact linear displacement transducers is engineered to provide an enhanced internal resolution of 0.001-inch (16-bit analog output) in an accurate, auto-tuning, low-profile package. Features include the ability to sense a magnet other than the standard slide magnet and to adjust the signal strength accordingly. Using magnetostrictive technology, the product monitors the position of a magnet along the active stroke without causing any wear on the sensor parts, making it suitable for applications where continuous linear feedback and high resolution are necessary. TURCKhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-582


All-metal design

The company's CO2 lasers are designed for use in a range of industrial processes, including cutting, welding, drilling, and marking. Like other traditional metal-cutting applications, CO2 last cutting requires the use of an assist gas, typically oxygen, to enhance cutting efficiency. The products feature the company's patented, all-metal tube. The all-metal, sealed tube design provides and maintains high gas purity, which is considered essential to achieve the long operating life required of the company's lasers. Synardhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-583


Intended for tech upgrades

The SVME/DMV-183 is designed as a high-performance, dual-processor, rugged 6U VMEbus single-board computer. It features faster processors, additional operating features, and a lower retail price than its predecessors. It offers single or dual 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7447A/7448 PowerPC processors, and is fit for technology upgrades. The construction-cooled SBC is targeted to the data processing needs of tactical aircraft, armored vehicles, and various harsh environment naval systems. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computinghttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-584


With electronic reset capability

The HMT25, a multi-turn absolute encoder, is designed to feature electronic reset capability. Unlike manual rests, it can use system software for initialization; this reportedly improves machine set-up time, especially in systems with space constraints. Sending a timed pulse through the rest pin, the encoder value gets set to 0 through a non-volatile internal memory. The physical position at any time is precisely determined, even in prolonged power-down situations, according to the company. BEI Industrial Encoder Divisionhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-585


Doubles performance

Featuring quad 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7448 PowerPC processors, the CHAMP-AV IV doubles the processor performance of its predecessor, the CHAMP-AV II, while reducing cost by almost one-third. The AltiVec -based DSP engine also features the company's QuadFlow architecture. It drives DSP applications with up to 48 GFLOPs of peak computational power, 256 Mbytes or 512 Mbytes DDR-250 SDRAM, and dual 100 MHz 64-bit PCI-X interfaces. Each processing node of the product is provided with a Gigabit Ethernet connection, according to the company. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computinghttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-586


Deliver real-time control

The SCRAMNet GT PMC, PCI, and VME embedded boards are engineered to deliver real-time control and data networking 1,200 percent faster than boards based on its predecessor. The products are also engineered to enable networked heterogeneous computers to function as a single multiprocessor system. Each board features an industry standard 2.5 Gbytes/sec Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver and delivers data throughput rates exceeding 200 MBps. A secondary onboard SFP is available as an option to provide redundancy, according to the company. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computinghttp://rbi.ims.ca/4387-587


Features small seated height

Designed for applications where mechanical headroom is at a premium, the AZ9481 miniature power relay features a seated height of less than 0.45 inches. It has a 16A, 4,000 VA rating, a dielectric strength from contact to coil of 2,500 Vrms, and a coil that operates at 128 mW at pull-in. The product comes standard with a Class F insulation system that allows operating in ambient temperatures up to 85C; it is also available fully sealed and RoHS compliant. American Zettler Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4387-588

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