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September 26, 2005

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In three models

The D10 series of DIN-rail-mountable fiber optic sensors is available in three different models: the D10 Expert with Numeric Display, the D10 Expert with Bargraph Display, and the D10 Discrete Output. Each feature the same housing style and interface format and they are designed for fast and easy installation. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including guiding the edge of plastic material as it moves across rollers, triggering a vision sensor in an inspection, and locating the perforations between bags on a web. Banner Engineering Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-576


High power density

Featuring high levels of integrated functionality to minimize external components and simplify circuit layout, the NDH series of board-mounted isolated dc/dc converters are dual output, 3W devices in miniature SIP packaging. They have a 2:1 input voltage range to enable design flexibility, and they have outputs regulated to 0.5 percent. Nominal input voltage options are 24V and 48V, with respective input ranges of 18-36V and 36-72V. C&D Technologieshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-577


Made for 4-20 mA data transmission systems

The SI-702BI is a bi-axial force balance inclinometer that is engineered with an ouput circuit configuration made for use in 4-20 mA data transmission systems. It is suited for applications requiring data to be transmitted over long distances in environments where interference from nearby electrical power lines could pose a problem. A single +15V supply is designed to power both the sensor and 4-20 mA line driver. Columbia Research Labs http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-578


With a switching capacity of 500 mA at 60V dc

Designed to control, safeguard, or warn of undesirable variations in dc and low frequency acceleration, the SS-108 force balance accelerometer switch can be configured to trigger in one or both directions along the sensitive axis, at specified g levels within a selected operating range. The solid-state relay switching capacity is 500 mA at 60V dc. It uses the company's HP suspension system, and no signal conditioning is required to the analog output in most applications. Columbia Research Labshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-579


Rugged, compact

The Series 15300 power distribution module consists of the rear terminal mini-fuse and relay, and un-bussed and partially bussed versions have been added to the family. The products are designed to provide users a rugged, compact, IP67-rated power distribution solution. It holds up to 20 devices, including fuses, circuit breakers, relays, and diodes. Uniform component spacing accepts standard 2.8-mm wide terminal blades for all component connections. It is available in three configurations: all fuses, fuses and mini (larger) relays, and fuses and micro (smaller) relays. Bussman Automotive Productshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-580


Compact and intelligent

The MC73110 motor control IC features precision velocity loop for brushless dc motors. The product, designed to be compact and intelligent, is a single-axis IC that functions in internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external velocity command signal, or torque mode with an external torque command signal. It is engineered for use in a variety of applications, including semiconductor automation and medical automation, along with applications with high performance, low-cost brushless motor amplifiers. Performance Motion Deviceshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-581


Large sensing distances

Engineered to precisely detect materials such as iron steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and brass, the Uprox+ sensors are designed to do so at large sensing distances without a reduction in the rated sensing distance. Its patented multi-coil system replaces the wound coil found in conventional ferrite core inductive sensors, resulting in sensing distances up to 250 times higher, according to the company. TURCKhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-582


12-bit resolution

The RSC3700 family of non-contacting rotary sensors is engineered to provide 360-degree absolute angle measurements with 12-bit resolution. Measurements are referred to a mechanical index point, providing retention of position in the event of a power failure. A microprocessor incorporated into the sensor allows a custom output characteristic curve to be preprogrammed for a specific application. It has a resolution of ± 0.09 degrees. Novotechnikhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-583



The Class 3R and Class 3b Selcom® SLC 5000 non-contact sensors feature a totally integrated sensor within the head and a built-in processor for data averaging and filtering. A dynamic laser feedback loop is designed for accurate measurement without regard to speed, ambient light changes, color, and temperature of material or general environmental plant conditions. It has repeatability of up to 16,000 times per sec within a small, defined spot using very little power. LMI Technologieshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-584


Dual output

The 22-100 linear power supply features an output voltage of ±15V and provides up to ±100 mA of output current. It can be powered by 100, 115, 220, 230, and 240V ac. It is designed to be very quiet and ripple at only 2 mV rms. It is engineered to be an ideal power source for sensitive analog circuitry, such as the differential amplifiers and voltage alarms. The voltage accuracy is ±0.5 percent, and line and load regulation is ±0.04 percent. Calex Mfg. Co. http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-585


With shutdown mode

Described by the company as the industry's first instrumentation amplifier to offer high precision at voltages as low as 1.8V, the AD8553 is designed for a variety of applications that require low-voltage operation. It features a power-saving shutdown mode that extends battery life, along with low-noise operation. It also features high dc accuracy and very high CMRR. In shutdown mode, the total supply current is reduced to fewer than 4 µA. Analog Devices Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-586


High availability

The BMR-H8S-ATCA board management reference designs support Renesas Technology's H8S/2168 series of microcontrollers. Its second-generation, high availability firmware enables field replaceable unit (FRU) designers to achieve compliant, interoperable board-level management solutions with low cost and low risk. They support the AdvancedTCA "IPM Controller" functions, allowing users to integrate boards, fan trays, power supplies, and other intelligent FRUs. Pigeon Point Systemshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-587


Miniature package

The BOS 2K family of photoelectric sensors are designed to combine full functionality in a miniature package that is 20 × 7.5 × 10 mm in size. They have a scan range of up to 1.2m and supply four different sensing modes. A variety of reflectors, mounting brackets, and connectors is available. They are ideal for a range of assembly and handling applications. Balluffhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-588


Supports full chip erase

The AS8F2M32 is a 64 Mbit, 68-pin ceramic quad flat pack flash-memory component that is a multi-chip package designed to be programmed in-system with a single 5V, vcc supply. It is offered with access times of 90-150 ns, and it allows for the long-term non-volatile storage of the micro-code for the end platforms computational core. It supports full chip erase, is compatible with JEDEC standards, and features 100,000 program/erase cycles. Austin Semiconductor Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-589


More compact

Designed as a space-saving switch, the C08 switch family now includes a threaded version. It is designed to be approximately 20 percent more compact than the previous switches, and is M6 x 0.75 mm thread size. It is a coded output switch, available in hex or gray codes. Custom codes are also available. The product is available in both SMD and THT styles. Elma Electronichttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-590


Long lifecycle

DFI industrial motherboards are a range of ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ATX form-factor boards that are designed for dedicated application PCs, network appliances, and control and test systems that require longevity. They provide long life cycles with a commitment to complete revision control. Customer approval must be sought in advance before any change can occur. Saelig Co. Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-591


Four operation modes

Engineered to provide an easy way to control unipolar stepper motors up to 35V and 3A per phase, the Easy-Step 3000 has a small size that makes it ideal for use in robots and other industrial control equipment. It is 63.6 × 26.4 mm, and it can drive unipolar stepper motors in full 2-phase, full 1-phase, and half-step modes using an easy-to-use command set. Four modes of operation are supported: direct command set, slave/remote - pulse mode, voltage mode, and teach mode. Saelig Co. Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-592


Application notes

The RF522 relay is designed as a compact, DPDT, surface-mount latching device characterized up to 10 GHz, and the company has released the product's application notes. The paper reportedly provides a detailed description of how the company mounts the product onto evaluation test boards. It also describes recommendations for the product's rework and removal. Customers may download the application notes online at the company's website. Teledyne Relayshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-593


For telecom

Providing -150 dBc/Hz noise floor and ±50 ppm/min. APR pullability, the CVSS-940 is a true sine wave voltage-controlled crystal oscillator that is available in a standard 9 × 14 mm SMD package. It generates frequencies between 77.76-500 MHz, with an output level of 0 dBm min into 50 V and harmonics lower than -20 dBc. It is engineered to be ideal for telecom applications, broadband networks, SONET/SDH/DWD, network/switch, and ATM communications. Crystek Crystals http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-594



The company has released lead-free versions of its 2AG, 3AG, 3AB, and 5 × 20 mm form factor fuses. They are designed to withstand the higher temperatures associated with lead-free wave soldering, and they comply with electronic industry manufacturing standards for lead-free circuit board content, including IEC 60068-2-20, EIA-IS-722, CSA, and UL approvals. Littlefusehttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-595


Use USB connection

The USB-COM-S series are ready-made cable solutions for allowing RS232 serial devices to talk to newer USB PCs. They add one, two, four, or eight RS232 Windows Serial COM ports without needing card slots or external power supplies. They use a laptop or desktop PC's USB connection, and they offer a set of data and control signals (TX-, TX+, RX-, RX+, GND, RTS-, RTS+, CTS-, CTS+) on their DB9M connectors. Saelig Co. Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-596


High temperature

With quick connects for the load connections so there is no need for heavy copper traces on the PCB, the AZ762F relay is rated by UL for 20A, 277V ac, 100k cycles at 124C. It has an isolation of 10 mm and a dielectric strength of 500V rms. It is ideal for HVAC and white-goods applications where high ambient temperatures are a concern. American Zettler Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-597


Shortens design time

The MC73110 brushless motor control IC developer's kit is an integrated board and software package that enables users to evaluate and use the company's motor control ICs, while shortening the design time for users who are interested in building high-performance brushless dc motor controllers. The product gives users a platform with which an application can be developed, motors can be tested, and software can be verified. Performance Motion Devices Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-598


High sensitivity

The company's line of magnetic proximity sensors are engineered to use Giant Magnetoresistive technology to offer high sensitivity to magnetic targets. They detect magnets through all non-magnetizable materials, including stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, and glass. They are ideal for a variety of rugged applications, including speed monitoring, U-tube position on diverter panels, and pigging systems used in the food and beverage industry. ifm efectorhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-599


Constructed to IPC class 3 standards

Compliant with industry-standard MSA 2xb footprint and packaging requirements, the company's family of ruggedized small form factor optical transceivers are constructed to IPC Class 3 standards. They are validated for compliance with MIL-STD-810E, and are engineered to provide the speed and security of fiber optic communications, along with the durability and reliability necessary for military and avionics applications. Stratos Lightwave http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-600


Two channels

The PC104-DS synchro/resolver output module features two channels of digital-to-synchro and digital-to-resolver conversion in a standard stack-through PC104 footprint. It has 16-bit resolution, transformer isolated reference inputs, and short-circuit-proof outputs capable of driving up to a full 1.2 VA load per channel. Reference inputs are 2-115V ac at 57-300 Hz. Computer Conversion Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-601


Completely self-contained

The WORLD-BEAM® Q12 ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors are completely self-contained. They feature an overmolded design to achieve an IP67 environmental protection rating and withstand the abuse of a harsh industrial environment. They are available in opposed, retroreflective, polarized retroreflective, and fixed-field modes, and are able to sense ranges up to 2m. The products are ideal for a range of applications, including materials handling, packaging, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, document handling, and assembly industries. Banner Engineeringhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-602


Dual stage

The TSS dual-stage temperature switch is a microprocessor-based switch that is engineered to accept up to two inputs with independent 8A relay output for dual stage control. It features a 30 mA alarm output for external buzzer activation. The product offers a temperature range of -58 to 302F, with an accuracy of ±0.5 percent or better. It provides 34 programmable parameters to customize control functions. LOVE Controls/Dwyer Instruments Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-603


New size

The FQ series of all-quartz crystal packing technology now includes a 5 × 3.2-mm package size. The FQ5032 features a profile of 0.8 mm. It is engineered for a variety of applications, including PDA, MP3, scanners, and GPS. According to the company, it yields costs savings of 15 percent in quantities of 10,000 to 20,000, and savings of 20 percent in quantities of 50,000 and above. Fox Electronicshttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-604


For ice fishing

The TRIE-1201P electro-mechanical audio indicator is an integral component of an assembled, finished product designed for ice fisherman. The product clips to the fisherman's "Tip-Up" spring; when fish strike the lure, the product's audio alarm sounds, along with a flashing light. It produces a sound pressure level of 75 dBA, minimum, at a frequency of 2300 ± 300 Hz, with an operating temperature range of -20 to 70C. Transducers USAhttp://rbi.ims.ca/4397-605


Supports Modbus protocols

Designed to implement industry standard Modbus RTU and TCP protocols, the isoLynx® SLX200 data acquisition system is a fast, intelligent, modular, fully isolated product. It is able to interface with more than 650 SCM5B analog i/o modules, and it offers flexibility for a variety of applications, including factory automation, process control, test and measurement, machine control, and data acquisition applications. Dataforth Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-606


For fanless operation

The PFM-620S is a PC/104 CPU module that supports onboard Intel® Ultra Low voltage Celeron® 400/650 MHz processors. It is designed for fanless operation and low power consumption, and it is suitable for single voltage (5V only) input requirement applications. The graphics chip section enables resolutions of up to 1280 × 1024 pixels for CRT operation and 1024 × 768 for LCD output. AAEON Electronics Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4397-607

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