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April 21, 2003

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Integrated architecture

Pay-as-you-grow scalability

Designed for the Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI), the patent-pending InfraStruXure allows users to create a customized solution from a range of standardized components. It also eliminates unnecessary waste by allowing additional capacity to be purchased and installed when needed. Other features include heat exhaust and cooling distribution for rack environments to prevent overheating; space-efficient, rack-optimized design; web-based build out tool; more enclosure depth; and power and rack-level environment monitoring. American Power Conversionwww.apc.com Enter 650

Industrial test tool

Reduces maintenance needs

The Industrial ScopeMeter(R) 124 is designed for industrial and plant maintenance engineers to detect signal anomalies, dropouts, and glitches that cause mechanical failure. Available with 20 memories to store measurement data, full setup information, and user text, the tool offers dual-channel 5,000-count, true-rms multimeter functionality, and paperless data recorder capability. It operates as a dual-channel oscilloscope, and provides storage capacity for ten sets of waveform data with setup information and user text. The meter comes with a rechargeable battery pack, alligator clips, hook clips, shielded BNC adapter, line adapter/charger, and shielded test-leads set, as well as a 10:1 voltage probe to limit signal source loading. Fluke Corp.www.fluke.com Enter 651

Heat exchanger

Polluted, high temp environments

WW3500S is a 3,500W water-to-air heat exchanger that cools electronic and electrical control cabinets. Intended for applications requiring space efficiency and cooling capacities up to 3,500W, it operates in polluted and high-temperature environments. Measuring 14.96 x 47.24 x 8.07 inches, the heat exchanger has a high capacity fan producing 259 cfm of air flow, along with a cooling water flow of 1.76 gpm at 50F, and dual top and bottom water connections. Fittings with 3/8-inch internal threads offer secure hose connections, while 10-mm drain connections offer condensate removal. Haewa Corp.www.haewacorp.com Enter 652

Wiring system

Reduced installation time, cost

The Allen-Bradley(R) PanelConnect(TM) wiring system enables quick assembly of input and output devices to programmable controllers without requiring terminal blocks or din rails. Used in output devices and NEMA 4X-rated for input and output modules, the wiring system supports such Allen-Bradley PLC(R) I/O architectures as 1769 Compact I/O, 1756 ControlLogix(TM) I/O, 1746 SLC(TM) 500 I/O, and 1771 Universal I/O. The plug-and-play design reduces labor costs, saves space, makes faster installations, and eliminates wire bundles associated with terminal strips. The module may be used in stand-alone non-DeviceNet(TM) applications in the automotive, packaging, and food and beverage industries. Rockwell Automationwww.rockwellautomation.com Enter 653

RFID system

Tracks, manages info

The BALOGH Distributed by TURCK Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, intended for harsh industrial environments, consists of transceivers, tags, controllers, and cordsets. The system both tracks products and manages information in the process through the controller, which links the user's control or logic systems and the transceiver/tag communication. Available controllers include serial, parallel, and stand-alone ones, while interfaces include DeviceNet, Control Net, Genius, Interbus-S, Ethernet IP, SLC Backplane, Profibus DP, and ISA PC-Bus. TURCK Inc.www.turck.com Enter 654

Liquid level control

Open board design

The LLC8 Series single probe liquid level control, with UL353 recognition, offers low level cutoff protection that prevents thermal runaway and high internal pressure in a hot water tank by disconnecting the heating element when the water level gets too low. Used with boilers and steamers, this series has input voltages of 24, 120, or 230V ac, 50/60 Hz, and resistance from 5k to 250 k-ohms. According to the company, the SPDT relay contacts, rated 10A resistive at 120/240V ac and isolated from operating and probe voltages, can switch small pumps, pump contactors, and valves. ABB, www.ssac.com Enter 655

Chip set

Simplify design, cut costs

The IRUK3055CQ01 chip set is engineered to simplify the design of low-voltage, high-current multiphase synchronous dc-dc converters, through its IRU3055CQ five-bit programmable, three-phase PWM controller IC with on board drivers, three IRF3711S synchronous HEXFET(R) MOSFETs, and three IRF3704S control HEXFET power MOSFETS. Operating together, the system can deliver up to 60A to support such advanced microprocessors as the Intel Pentium(R) 4. Due to these devices, the chip set can lower conduction, switching, driver and output losses, and can offer output voltage from 1.075V to 1.85V in 25 mV steps, with up to 1% output voltage accuracy. International Rectifierwww.irf.com Enter 656


Low cost, low profile

Made for circuit protection applications, the NT73 negative tempco thermistor features anti-leaching nickel barrier terminations and twelve standard resistance values from 1.0 k-ohms through 150 k-ohms. With an operating temperature range of -55 to +125C and a standard power rating of 5 mW, these thermistors come in sizes 0603, 0805, and 1206, with resistance tolerances of plus or minus 3%, plus or minus 5%, plus or minus 10%, and plus or minus 15%. Thermistors are suited for reflow and wave soldering in such applications as temperature compensation, temperature measurement, circuit protection, portable temperature gauges, fire detection devices, and in-rush current limiting. KOA Speer Electronicswww.koaspeer.com Enter 657

Temperature sensor

Operates without water cooling

Model MI-500N is a digital non-contact infrared temperature sensor designed for glass, rubber, ceramic, semiconductor, plastic thermoforming, textile, paper, dryer, and infrared furnace applications. Capable of operating in ambient temperatures up to 185F without water cooling, this sensor can use two different sensor heads for a field of view of 10:1 or 2:1. Other features include switchable analog output, temperature measurement between -40F and 1,292F, adjustable emissivity, built-in digital peak/valley storage, relay contact and alarm, and Digital RS232 or RS485 UPP(R) Output. Mikron Infrared Inc.www.Mikroninfrared.com Enter 658

I/O board


The PMC-DAADIO multi-function digital/analog I/O board offers eight differential analog input channels, in addition to eight single-ended analog outputs, operating at 12-bit resolution, along with 18 TTL digital I/O lines and counter/timer I/O. Using an onboard DSP56F807 Digital Signal Processor, the board can both manage external I/O uses and reduce processing demands on the PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) host. Designed for mobile applications, the board offers shock and vibration resistance and noise immunity. Other uses include digital radio, system monitoring, fire control systems, and closed-loop systems, and any other harsh environments needing digital and analog I/O. Thales Computerswww.thalescomputers.com Enter 659

BNC jack

40% more connector density

The company's new miniature pcb-mounted right angle bulkhead BNC jack, UCBJR250-N, may be used for high reliability data rate and/or high frequency applications, as telco Central Office DS3 and other Carrier Class applications. By not requiring re-tooling or training when used in conjunction with telco industry-standard BNC installation tools, the connector ultimately saves space. It features 75-ohm impedance, fully enclosed beryllium copper spring fingers, 0.000050-inch thick gold-plated beryllium copper center contacts with plating weep hole, and positive tactile feedback. Trompeter Electronicswww.trompeter.com Enter 670

Piezo ceramic elements

Lower cost available

Available in standard and feedback types, TRPB Series Piezo Ceramic Benders are engineered to convert electrical impulses to sound waves in a flat diaphragm type package. They come in diameter ranges of 0.1 to 50 mm and frequency ranges of 1 to 10 kHz, with customized assemblies of wire leads with or without connectors. The piezo ceramic elements may suit manufacturing processes in medical, security alarm, toy production, and smoke detection operations. Transducers USAwww.tusainc.com Enter 671

Digital oscilliscopes

Up to eight analog channels

According to the company, the DL7400 series of digital oscilloscopes is the only series of 500 MHz oscilloscopes offered with eight analog channels. The instruments are designed with advanced triggering, which enables users to trigger an analog signal, a digital signal, or a combination of both. The oscilloscopes may save waveforms into acquisition memory in order to analyze them after acquisition. The digital oscilloscope series consists of: a 4-channel model with 2 MW (M Sample) of memory per channel; 8-channel model with 2 MW/channel; 4-channel model with 8 MW/channel; and 8-channel model with 8 MW/channel. Yokogawa Corporation of Americawww.us.yokogawa.com Enter 672

Dc/dc converters

No external components required

The CPK-0305/0308 open frame isolated, 6.5W dc/dc converters have an input range of 36 to 130V dc for use in TNV 48V dc line systems, while dual outputs come in 3.3 and 5V (CPK-0305) and 5 and -9V (CPK-0308). Capable of operating without external cooling or a heat sink, these converters also offer continuous short circuit protection and overvoltage. Astrodynewww.astrodyne.com Enter 673

Keylock switches

Crisp actuation, accurate setting

The SK series of PCB mount, keylock switches is engineered for low-current, low-voltage, logic-level circuits, in applications requiring high-density mounting. Switches come in miniature and subminiature sizes for automated wave soldering and washing, and include a gasket between the base and housing for added protection. The positive detent mechanism provides reportedly crisp actuation and accurate setting, with self-wiping contacts. Antistatic and available in single-pole configurations, the switches may be used in commercial, aerospace, peripheral, computer, industrial, instrumentation, and security industries. NKK Switcheswww.nkkswitches.com Enter 674

Power distribution unit

Slim 1U design

The 852Q2J22 Interpower(TM) 19-inch rack-mount Power Distribution Unit provides domestic and international single-phase power to equipment racks, connected via Interpower IEC 60320 "Universal" Jumper Power Cords and Cordsets. This cuts down on inventory parts, customizes lengths to reduce excess cable, and speeds assembly time. The unit comes with ten individually switched IEC 60320 Sheet F outlets and a C20 inlet, rated at 16A for service at 250V ac. Designed with a lighted rocker circuit breaker, it is UL recognized, CSA certified, and TUV approved with the CE mark. Panel Components Corp.www.interpower.com Enter 675

Vibration tester

PDA-enabled analysis

The MicroVibe(TM) vibration test and measurement instrument is reportedly the fist of its kind to be used with a Handspring(TM) Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Users in commercial or industrial environments may gain access to analysis of rotating equipment, including Vibration, Time-waveform, and FFT Spectrum Plots. Conforming to the Springboard(TM) expansion slot of a Handspring(TM) Visor handheld, it accepts accelerometers and electro-dynamic velocity pickups, and other sensors. SKF USA Inc.www.skfusa.com Enter 676


Monitors speed, direction

The Absolute Cam Encoder provides users with a means of monitoring speed, direction, and position. Programmable through a serial interface, it features IP65 housing measuring 58 mm in diameter and 78 mm in depth, while providing 24-bit resolution. Users may eliminate the need to index or calibrate it by using the zero point programmed in through the software. Available in shaft sizes of 6 and 10 mm, the cam encoder models may be suited for packaging and filling applications. Baumer Electric Ltd.www.baumerelectric.com Enter 677

Coaxial connectors

Unique interface

The RPL "positive locking" series of sub-miniature coaxial connectors offers a robust interconnection system for use at frequencies from dc to 8 GHz. The self-locking, 50-ohm impedance connectors are made of nickel-plated, machined brass bodies, gold-plated contacts, and Teflon insulation, and are rated for a minimum lifecycle of 500 matings. Designed so that the interconnect will not disengage during use, the connectors feature a minimum contact retention force of 4 kg, connector total engagement force of 0.5 - 2 kg, and maximum disengagement force of 2 kg. RF Connectorswww.rfindustries.com Enter 678


DeviceNet(TM), Ethernet interfaces

The Controller-E gateway, including new gateways with DeviceNet and Ethernet interface, connects two AS-I systems with information passing transparently to the higher-level network without additional software. The gateway with the DeviceNet interface, configurable via the LCD display, enables users to connect 868 I/O points as one node on the DeviceNet system. The gateway with an Ethernet interface features full web server capabilities and 1 Mbyte of on-board memory, programmable with HTML or Java Script and accessible over a Local Area Network (LAN) or via modem. It uses the industry standard RJ-45 connector and Modbus on TCP/IP protocol. ifm efectorwww.ifmefector.com Enter 679

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