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September 17, 2001

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Micro dc/dc converter

Surface-mount micro dc/dc converter measures only 0.225 x 0.165 x 0.093 inch (LWH). The converter functions with a portable device's battery to provide a distributed power source that minimizes power loss via supply voltage control of the device's RF power amplifier circuit. The micro converter has 20 W/cm3 power density with 85% efficiency that the company says, for example, can increase cell phone operational time by 39%-180 to 250 minutes. The company uses flip-chip bonding with precise high-density component mounting, and the converter has compatibility with standard tape-and-reel dispensers. The chip accepts input voltages from 3.0 to 5.5V and provides adjustable output from 0.8 to 3.0V dc at 350 mA.

Taiyo Yuden (USA), www.t-yuden.com Enter 587

Telecom cables

The DS-1 and DS-0 Central Office telecom cables come in three types. The 1100 Series terminating communications cable operates with multi-pairs of 24 AWG solid tinned copper. The 600 Series ABAM network interface cables utilize multi-pairs of 22 AWG solid tinned copper. Lastly, the 1249C Series network interface terminating communications cable incorporates multi-pairs of 26 AWG solid tinned copper.

Helix/HiTemp Cables Inc., www.advancetransformer.com.

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GPS antenna

The active GPS patch antenna, dubbed the Micro Skymaster, measures 33.95 x 25.20 x 10.60 mm. It is a 24-dB gain antenna that includes a magnet or screw mount and a universal FME connector. The FME connector permits the attachment of SMB, SMA, BNC, TNC, MCX, or N-type connectors to the antenna to mate with a variety of receivers in the market. Power consumption is 11 mA with a supply voltage of 3 to 5V. In addition, all connectors can be specified in straight or right-angle configurations.

Tri-M Systems, www.tri-m.com.

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Data logging

5590 Series dataloggers feature programmable ALMEMO connection plugs that allow the user to connect a variety of sensors and display/log with programmable zero-adjust, scaling factor, and engineering units. Up to 999 sensors may be connected and all measurements may be time and date stamped. Available sensors include temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, gas concentration, and air velocity. Memory is also optional for storing up to 400,000 measured values.

E. Clark & Associates, www.eclarkassociates.com.

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Machine vision system

FiberInspect(TM) automatically detects and measures scratches, cracks, and spots on fiber cable that form during the polishing process. The machine vision system can reportedly detect fiber-end defects smaller than a single micron, even when there is poor image contrast between the defect and background. The system can also be configured to classify defects by type to help users better quantify problems during the polishing process.

Cognex Corp., www.cognex.com.

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Marker sensor

The STEALTH(R) Laser Sensor is designed to detect invisible marks formulated with ISOTAG S ClirCode(R) markers. This combination of a laser sensor and invisible marker performs a variety of registration-mark and product-inspection tasks. The system's usefulness is increased because ambient or UV fluorescent light from either man-made or natural materials do not affect it.

Tri-Tronics Inc., www.ttco.com.

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Ac source

The 61600 Programmable AC Source is produced in 12 models ranging from 500 to 18,000 VA and supplies ac, dc, or ac+dc power. The source's distortion is 0.3% and delivers peak current capability six times the RMS level. Ac output voltage is programmed from 0 to 150 or 0 to 300V ac, 15 to 1,000 Hz.

Chroma ATE, www.chromaate.com.

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Digital thermometer

For hostile work environments, a portable, quality control digital thermometer is contained in a cast-aluminum enclosure. Temperature accuracy is plus or minus 0.3% of reading and the 1/2-inch LCD display can present the results in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The display also incorporates 1/10 degrees resolution to 999.9 for either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and 1 degrees resolution to 2,462F or 1,350C.

Pyrometer Instrument Co. Inc., www.pyrometer.com.

Enter 594

Handheld counter

The Digital Hand Tally Counter permits counts up to 99,999. The water-resistant, O-ring-sealed counter produces an audible click that signals the count when its button is pressed. A fail-safe design eliminates accidental resetting. It weighs 1 oz and is 2.5 inches x 2 inches x 0.75 inch. Contained in a shock-resistant ABS plastic case, the LCD display and counter electronics are sealed against dust, dirt, and humidity.

Control Company, www.control3.com.

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Scanning CMM

The Endeavor FlexScan series Scanning Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) features a motorized, articulating probe head that eliminates the need for clusters of special probe configurations and extensions. It is flexible and can reportedly handle an analog probe, a touch-trigger probe, or both. Users can use the CMM to combine scanning and discrete point measurement on the same part without interruption.

Giddings & Lewis, www.giddings.com.

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Digital panel meter

The Trident Digital Panel Meter is factory calibrated to accept process voltage and current inputs, 100-ohm platinum RTDs, and four types of thermocouples. Setup and programming is jumper-free, and can be completed via a four-button programming method or a computer. If multiple meters need to be programmed, a copy capability allows one meter's setup to be automatically copied to another meter. The Trident's universal power supply allows any voltage between 85 to 265V ac or 90 to 260V dc.

Precision Detroit Co. Inc., www.predig.com.

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Temperature/process control

Housed in a 1/4 DIN package, the LCU204 universal temperature/process controls integrate a 19.7-mm process variable display and 132-mm set variable display. The system features 0.1% accuracy, universal input for thermocouples, RTDs, differential, and process input. A standard 24V isolated, regulated power supply is included to power most 4 to 20 mA transmitters.

Dwyer Instruments, www.love-controls.com.

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Field-tested pressure sensors are resistant to exhaust gasses, soot, and acids. Useful in emission control systems such as exhaust gas recirculation or evaporative emission control, the sensors are encased in lightweight composite housings. Output is 0.5 to 4.5V dc and the sensors also offer EMI/RFI protection. Depending upon requirements, the sensors can be specified in ceramic capacitive, piezoresistive, or InCap(R) styles.

Kavlico, www.kavlico.com.

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The K1526EAMX voltage-controlled crystal oscillator is aimed at applications requiring tight temperature stability from -40 to +85C. Features include 5.0V power supply, plus or minus 100 ppm frequency deviation, and 9- x 14-mm ceramic construction with a metal lid. This device is available in discrete frequencies ranging from 2.0 to 40 MHz.

Champion Technologies Inc., www.champtech.com.

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LEDs are available in both bullet-shaped and chip packages. The bullet-shaped LEDs are available in 3-, 4-, and 5-mm sizes and can take an oval, round, concave-tip, bow, or block-type shape. The typical size for the chip LED is 1.4 x 1.5 x 3 mm and color types include red, green, and blue; and brightness spans the range from several millicanderas to candelas.

Allegro Microsystems Inc., www.allegromicro.com.

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REB2000 and 2100 GPS receivers deliver major advancements in GPS performance, accuracy, integration, and computing, according to the company. The technology developed allows full GPS functionality in a postage stamp-sized footprint by combining a high-performance GPS engine, full function CPU, memory, and radio frequency front-end in two chips. Both receivers are 12-channel, NMEA-0183 protocol compliant, and require only 3.3V dc power with a current consumption of 65 mA while in trickle power mode, or 170 mA pack current.

Tri-M Systems, www.tri-m.com.

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