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Advancing High-Speed Communications with Amphenol at DesignCon

Article-Advancing High-Speed Communications with Amphenol at DesignCon

Amphenol Amphenol overpass_img.jpg
Amphenol is bolstering the refinement and delivery of new-age technology for end-to-end communications networks.

As personal connectivity and IoT continue to expand, the broadband and telecom sectors are amid a significant surge in data consumption. As such, the cables and connectors market is experiencing high growth and market disruption, largely due to ballooning consumer demand for ultra-speedy 5G tech, increasing expenditure in enterprise cloud-based applications, and the rising pressure to improve bandwidth.

An industry poised to reach $161.9 billion by 2025, the cables and connectors sectors, like the high-tech interconnect, sensor, and antenna markets, are in critical need of peer-to-peer connection and education to overcome the challenges associated with such remarkable market performance and continue to innovate.

World-renowned supplier Amphenol, for example, is bolstering the refinement and delivery of new-age technology for end-to-end communications networks in today's connected world. As one of the industry's fastest-growing organizations fueling innovation and meeting the demand for electronic systems performance, Amphenol is the host sponsor of DesignCon, the nation's largest event for chip, board, and systems design engineers.

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The three-day conference and exhibition, to be held April 5-7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, serves as the meeting place for the premier high-speed communications and system design conference, offering industry-critical engineering education in the heart of electronics innovation — Silicon Valley. Extending its opportunities beyond its 3-day in-person event, DesignCon this year will complement its event with an online component, where attendees can access select education and exhibitor resources pre-and post-event. 

With DesignCon on the near horizon, DesignCon Group Event Director Suzanne Deffree spoke with Tom Pitten, Chief Technology Officer for Amphenol ICC. We discussed market trends, the upcoming event, and what attendees can look forward to learning about at the Amphenol booth.

Suzanne: What are the key industry growth drivers that will shape the industry's future, and how is Amphenol influencing these trends?  


Tom: The most significant industry change over the last decade is the rise of the hyper-scale data center. These massive cloud computing centers now consume a substantial percentage of all electronic systems, and the hardware teams designing them have an insatiable appetite for performance and density. The vast array of leading-edge interconnect products Amphenol provides is helping to enable the rapid improvement in data center performance.

Suzanne: With the rapid advancement of technology, machinery and systems are becoming increasingly complex. How does Amphenol help its partners overcome this challenge while maintaining high performance and reliability? 

Amphenolix-industrial-nd9-03 (002).jpg

Tom: The pace of development for higher performance, next-generation systems has clearly accelerated. The products that enable that performance are becoming exceedingly more complex and require innovative solutions in design and materials. To keep up with the pace, we're increasing our investment in enabling interconnect technologies years in advance from when they will be required. We're also dedicating more engineering resources to help lead industry standards by working closely with customers and collaborators. 

Suzanne: We're so excited to have your support as DesignCon's host sponsor and a prominent exhibitor for this year's event. What excites you about reconnecting with your community in person this April?

Tom: We've been a participant at DesignCon since the early days in the mid-1990s. We've been thrilled to witness its incredible growth from a fledgling conference meant to advance industry knowledge of an emerging challenge called "Signal Integrity" to the premier conference on Electronic System Design. We're honored to be the host sponsor, and we're looking forward to the opportunity to connect in person with our customers and the entire electronics design community.

Amphenolexamax high speed backplane connector2-01 (002).jpg

Suzanne: What role do you see DesignCon plays in advancing the system design engineering industry?

Tom: DesignCon has helped educate and continuously improve the engineering capability of the electronics industry. It continues to be an important avenue to share ideas and collaborate on new design challenges. We are looking forward to connecting with the industry and sharing new interconnect solutions from Amphenol.

Register for a pass here to attend DesignCon and schedule a meeting with Amphenol.

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