Snaptron Inc. Releases New DT Series, IntelliTac Dome Switch

August 30, 2007

Snaptron Inc. has developed a new metal tactile dome switch that features dual switching properties. This patent-pending DT Series switch allows users to apply low-level force to engage one switch function and a greater force to engage the second. According to Snaptron, the switches, using IntelliTac technology, boast over 5 million cycles per piece.

The DT06180 is a 6-mm contact switch requiring 120g of force for the first connection and 180g for the second. The DT08400, an 8.5-mm contact switch, requires 280g of force for the first connection and 400g for the second. Snaptron Inc. recently added 10- and 12-mm pieces to the line.

Applications for these switches include still and video cameras, camcorders, camera phones, electro-medical devices and audio equipment. Price varies by size and quantity, but price based on a 10,000-piece order can range from $.12 – $.15 per piece.

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