Remote and Secure Provisioning Essential in Age of COVID-19

Remote provisioning of network devices is critical for IoT deployment, as well as the support of millions of remote workers, during the COVID-19 crisis. But what about security?

A few years back, the rollout of the much touted 50B connected devices for the IoT network was in danger of falling short. The reason for the slowdown in the rollout was not due to the usual suspects of immature technologies, high cost, or market demand. What was slowing the build out of IOT devices – especially gateways and cameras – was a lack of between security to enable scalability.

Without an easy and secure way to deploy and provision IoT system, device manufacturers and cloud-based service providers could not realize the benefits or profits offered by a timely IoT rollout. The selection, deployment and run-time management of software and hardware resources, also known as resource provisioning, has long be a challenge in the networking world.

Fortunately, this problem was addressed with approaches like zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), automated access provisioning (a part of lifecycle management for IoT devices), digital certifications and related techniques.

Zero touch provisioning or onboarding allows devices to be provisioned and configured automatically, eliminating most of the manual labor required to place them on the network. In essence, a device installer plugs the device into the network and flips a switch turn it on and verify its location. After which, remote network administrators could take control of the device. In this way, any number of devices can be provisioned and configured automatically, eliminating most of the manual labor involved with adding them to a network.

The remote provisioning approach worked well for increasing the rollout of IoT networks. The same approach is being used to quickly bring on the millions of remote workers required to work at home thanks to COVID-19.

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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