Kepco's Bipolar Models

August 13, 2010

Kepco announces an option for its 200W and 400W BOP models to optimize their
ability to drive capacitive loads. This option (designated by the suffix "C")
makes the BOP more suitable for a wide variety of applications such as solar
cell/panel testing, testing of piezoelectric devices, capacitor testing,
driving and testing of capacitive transducers, and powering industrial or
lab-type applications with capacitive or capacitive-resistive loads.

BOP C option units are designed to operate in a stable
manner in Voltage or Voltage Limit mode for capacitive loads up to 10
millifarads. They are also stable when driving any R-C parallel combination
where load R is > or = to nominal value and C is < or = to 10mF. Load R
(nominal value) = nominal output Voltage/nominal output Current (e.g., BOP
36-6MC, R = 36/6 = 6 Ohms.) Static specifications representing accuracy for
various influence parameters are identical to the standard BOP models. Ripple
and noise specifications are better (approximately 50 percent lower) for the C
option units compared to the standard BOP. Six models (ranging from 20 to 100V
source/sink capability) are available at present. Three additional models are
expected to be available in the coming months.

Kepco's Bipolar Models

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