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February 05, 1996

Speedy switching transistor lightens load

One way to cut the size and weight of motor-controller systems is by using smaller, lighter heat sinks. An ultrafast switching insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) from Harris Semiconductor will let you do just that by providing 31 to 45% lower saturation voltage losses than competing products, say company engineers. The new device switches 12 amperes at 110C case temperature, which Harris claims is 10 to 20C higher than competing IGBTs. The maximum continuous collector current is 110C, so designers can cut system size and weight by using smaller heat sinks with up to 20% higher thermal resistance. The 600V part suits high-voltage switching applications where low conduction losses are a must. The part number for the IGBT in a surface-mount package is HGT1S12N60C3S. Harris Semiconductor. Phone (800) 442-7747, ext. 7413.

Pushbuttons survive hammer blows

APEM's anti-vandal and high-security AV series pushbutton switches not only survive abusive use, but also willful damage--such as what might be inflicted upon ATM banking machines, security panels, or vending machines. The panel-mount switches pass such nasty tests as hammer blows to the actuator. Moreover, an anti-jamming design prevents insertion of foreign parts between the pushbutton actuator and the body of the switch. Dust and water sealing protection meets the IP54 standard. Single- and doublepole models in momentary-action configurations are available. APEM Components, Inc. FAX (617) 245-4531.

Rockers migrate from heavy trucks

The NGR Series of full-sized rocker switches from Eaton Corp. offers ergonomic design, "European styling," and myriad options. Initially developed for the interior of heavy-duty truck cabs, the switches' rockers and bezels are ergonomically shaped, and molded from high-quality thermoplastic in a soft matte finish to reduce glare. "Dimples" across the rockers' top edge give a positive tactile feel. Illuminated versions accommodate two dependent or independent lamps and come with snap-in lenses or have a one-piece back-lighted design. Applications include: off-road equipment, farm machinery, recreational vehicles, buses, and boats. Eaton Corp., Commercial Controls Div. FAX (919) 934-0846.

Relays for every reason

With the debut of three new relay lines, NTE Electronics now offers 48 different relay series--a veritable relay cornucopia. R47 series relays sport quick-connect terminals on the top for coil and contacts, and a pc-board-mount option on the bottom for additional coil connections. The 15-amp devices suit HVAC, appliance-control, and office-equipment applications. Telecommunications applications will benefit from the new R70 series of subminiature relays. Rated at 1 amp and weighing just 0.08 oz, these units come with SPDT contacts and coil voltages of 3, 5, 6, 12, or 24V dc. Finally, engineers designed the R72 subminiature-relay series for test and measurement instruments. Features include DPDT contacts; coil voltages of 5, 6, 12, and 24V dc; and 0.11-oz weight. NTE Electronics, Inc. FAX (201) 748-6224.

Skinny relay saves pc-board space

Another industry first is being claimed--this time by Aromat. The company says its TN series relays have the world's smallest footprint for 2 form C relays. The 0.551 3 0.22-inch components can handle up to 1-ampere switching currents and can withstand 1,500V between contacts. Despite their delicate appearance, these relays are also tough. They can survive 490m/sec2 acceleration at 100g. Applications include telecommunications equipment, computers, instrumentation, and hand-held equipment. Aromat Corp. FAX (908) 771-5658.

PCS switch runs from single voltage

Sony Semiconductor is offering what it believes to be the industry's first 1.9-GHz single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switches to operate from a single voltage supply. The CXG1008N and CXG1012N require a single 3V biasing supply, compared with competing products, which require two voltage supplies to accomplish switching and biasing. The Sony switches also have high isolation to minimize crosstalk and low insertion loss for maximum signal strength. This feature combination lets the switches improve signal performance and simplifies RF design for personal communications systems (PCS) handsets and base stations. Sony Semiconductor Company of America. FAX (408) 955-5116.

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