October 21, 2002


The N-channel MOSFETS are housed in a package that combines thermal performance with low R DS(on) in a standard SO-8 package outline. The MOSFETS include two 150 and 200V products for 48V telecom dc/dc applications; two transistor forward converters and half-bridge converters; six 40V products designed for the primary side of low input voltage single transistor forward dc/dc converters; and four 20 and 30V products for low-side switch applications.

Fairchild Semiconductor , www.fairchildsemi.com. Enter 637

Signal analyzer

NI PXI-5660 signal analyzer consists of a broadband downconverter, a spectral purity IF digitizer, and a Spectral Measurements Toolkit for NI LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI. Featuring an on-board oven-controlled oscillator, the broadband RF front-end acquires signals between 9 kHz and 2.7 GHz with real-time bandwidth up to 20 MHz. The signal analyzer is suitable for consumer electronics or avionics testing applications.

National Instruments , www.ni.com. Enter 638

Slide switch

FS high-frequency slide switch can handle over 30 MHz and has a dc through 1 GHz frequency band with minimum impedance of 75 ohms. The slide switch is available in two different actuator heights-7.4 and 12.4 mm, both featuring tactile feedback and a travel of 3.5 mm. The FS slide switch is suitable in RF and microwave industries for design applications requiring high frequencies.

NKK Switches , www.nkkswitches.com. Enter 639


Accelus servoamplifier drives brushless linear and rotary motors and comes with "Copely Motion Explorer 2" (CME 2(TM)) software, which uses algorithms for system commissioning and tuning. The amplifier raises equipment throughput and enables drive motors to produce higher torque, speed, and efficiency for a given drive current. Applications include modern robotics, winding equipment, and other automation services.

Copley Controls Corp. , www.copleycontrols.com. Enter 640

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