DC Voltage/Current Source/Calibrator

April 26, 2010

MOTION CONTROL: Krohn-Hite Corp. introduced the Model 526 dc Voltage/Current Source/Calibrator. The 526 delivers accurate voltages to within 20ppm/year from ±100nV dc to ±100V dc, and precise currents to within 50ppm/year from ±100nA to ±110mA. Resolution is 1ppm and stability is 5ppm.

The 526 replaces the popular Krohn-Hite 522 and Analogic 8200 dc Calibrators. Remote programming protocol is completely compatible with both units, making it ideal for a direct replacement in system and  production applications.

The 526 features a user friendly 2-line, 40 character display, membrane keys and six front panel decade switches with full carry/borrow for entering all settings; non-volatile memory for up to 31 output settings is also provided. The 526 can be set to 0V, allowing the output sense to maintain true 4-wire low impedance zero output.

The Model 526 is well suited for many applications where an accurate and stable dc voltage or current is needed. At a cost much less than most source/calibrators in its class, the 526 can be a valuable asset to any company’s production line, calibration lab, QA/QC departments and design labs.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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