Bad Service Prompts Low-Tech Purchase

Last year we moved into a new home and took delivery of three Sears appliances, one of them a washing machine. The washer needed a new water-level control within the warranty period, and then, two months past the warranty expiration date, the water valve stopped shutting off, presumably because of the same problem.

Calling Sears was an experience. The service department did not find anything wrong with the fact that the machine needed service for the same problem within 14 months. Even when I told the manager the store was losing a customer, he was not impressed.

Rather than paying for a service call and facing the repeated issue every few months, I told the manager I would purchase a different brand of washer from a different company that very day.

I purchased the lowest technology washer I could find. As an added bonus, the price was low enough that I could afford to purchase a new one, rather than paying for a service call. As far as my relationship with Sears is concerned, those were the last appliances I will purchase from there. If it thinks two service calls in a little over a year on a new machine is normal, then I'm on to other brands.

This entry was submitted by Klaus Meyer and edited by Rob Spiegel.

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