5 Predictions of Tech Disruptions in the Next Decade: Page 6 of 6

This year brings us one step closer to a decade that will be full of disruptions. Here are five big predictions for 2020 and beyond.

5.) We'll Get Cybersecurity Figured Out

Humans are still the weakest link in cybersecurity. We are easily deceived, we pick poor passwords, and we forget to properly store sensitive information.

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Security, like ease of use, is a prerequisite to fully engaging on the potential of a connected world. Today, with all of the distance we've come, social engineering - a human contacting a human - is still the biggest class of security exploit. We will always need improvements in technology security, but it will never be enough without solving the human social problem.

We really need to get ourselves out of the equation through means such as automated biometrics. However, what's holding back acceptance of this sort of technology is lack of trust in our fellow human beings.

Someone will figure this out within the next decade and when they do, a lot of unrealized potential is suddenly opened up.

Duane Benson is the Chief Technology Champion at Screaming Circuits

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