5 Predictions of Tech Disruptions in the Next Decade: Page 5 of 6

This year brings us one step closer to a decade that will be full of disruptions. Here are five big predictions for 2020 and beyond.

4.) The IoT Will Finally Work

Smart home devices that leverage Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri are selling in the millions per quarter. But none of these systems are really easy enough for the average consumer to set up, secure, and configure. Interoperability is still questionable at best, but the systems are getting closer.

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Within the next decade standards, protocols, and security technology will reach the point such that adding to your IoT life will be no more difficult than plugging in a toaster.

In the IoT world of 2029 it will seem completely routine for your refrigerator and pantry to remotely guide you through the grocery store. The most savvy of us will set things up so that we don’t even need to go into the store. We’ll just drive up to a loading spot. The car will have informed the grocery store of our impending visit. The house and store will have been in constant communications so that when we pull into the appropriate parking spot, our groceries will be waiting.

If you see this as completely frivolous, ask yourself if you or anyone you know really enjoys spending 45 minutes or more walking up and down the grocery aisles trying to figure out which aisle they moved coffee to this week.

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