5 Predictions of Tech Disruptions in the Next Decade: Page 2 of 6

This year brings us one step closer to a decade that will be full of disruptions. Here are five big predictions for 2020 and beyond.

1.) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Reflect the Worst of Us

The proliferation of AI will bring out the worst in who we are.

Most fears about artificial intelligence center around the idea of AI taking over the world and enslaving humanity. But reality will see a slightly different outcome.

siemens ai
(Image source: Siemens)

We shouldn't be in fear for ourselves. It’s the AI that we need to worry about. AI won't be taking over and enslaving humanity – it will be perverted by humans to fit our own neuroses.

In March 2016, Microsoft put an AI chatbot on Twitter. The intention was to use machine learning to improve the bot's ability to interact with people. Microsoft wanted it to become more human. It did. Within 24 hours, it had become essentially a demon in digital form. It took on the worst of the racist, misogynist, offensive characteristics thrown at it from people around the globe. Malicious humans abused and twisted it so quickly and thoroughly that it had to be shut down.

How many of us have ever whacked a misbehaving electronic device? Cursed at one? Or tossed it aside entirely? Most of us have a high threshold when it comes to making other humans suffer, but that threshold plummets for entities that are seen as being lesser than ourselves.

Someday those television sets, phones, and power supplies will be learning from us as we mistreat them. We'll need to work hard to ensure that AI can appropriately deal with the worst that humans will throw at it, or we'll be surrounded by depressed, disrespectful, and angry machines and we will run the risk of becoming even less civil to each other than we are today.

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