2000 New Products Bonanza

August 21, 2000

Data-acquisition system

The GX-1 combines the high data-storage capacity and wide frequency response of a data recorder with the programmable sampling rates and integrated signal conditioning of a data-acquisition system. The 12x8x3.5-inch unit features 16 channels, continuous recording at bandwidths up to 200 kHz/channel, and a total sampling depth of 3 Msamples. Storage options include 25-Gbyte internal tape drive, magneto-optical drive, or PC Card memory.

TEAC America Inc., 7733 Telegraph Rd., Montebello, CA 90640; FAX (323) 727-7656; www.teac.com.

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A large-screen, multipoint video recorder/controller, the VRX 180 monitors, records, and controls a variety of industrial processes. A 10.4-inch, full-color, active-matrix LCD displays process data. Other features include up to 48 analog inputs, up to 8 control loops, up to 36 discrete I/Os, 120-Mbyte floppy drive, 33 primary and 13 support display types, 16 alarm setpoint limits, and RS-485 Modbus communications.

Honeywell, 11 W. Spring St., Freeport, IL 61032; FAX (815) 235-6545; www.honeywell.com/sensing.

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HT100 and HT120 data loggers feature a waterproof stainless-steel case and can monitor and withstand temperatures from -40 to +125C. DicksonWare(TM)software lets users download data to a PC and can also perform real-time monitoring and graphing. Applications include tracking pasteurization, autoclave, and oven temperatures. Model HT120 has a piercing tip.

Dickson Co., 930 S. Westwood Ave., Addison, IL 60101-4917; FAX (630) 543-9498; www.dicksonweb.com.

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The VL digital meter takes 60 readings/sec and has a 5-digit display, accuracy of 0.01% full scale, and programmable lockout modes. The on-board supply can power a transmitter, and plug-in circuit boards provide a variety of options. The meter's NEMA 4X/IP 56 front panel withstands harsh environments.

Viatran Corp., 300 Industrial Dr., Grand Island, NY 14072; FAX (716) 773-2488; www.viatran.com.

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The PXS5-926EA constant-duty, microfocus x-ray source can resolve image features of 2 microns. The 11.5x4x3-inch portable unit includes a sealed x-ray tube and a 12V, 8W, air-cooled power supply. A matched analog controller is available. Applications include testing, microelectronics and pc-board assembly inspection, and electronic failure analysis.

Kevex X-Ray Inc., 320 El Pueblo Rd., Scotts Valley, CA 95066; FAX (831) 438-5892; www.kevex-x-ray.com.

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Series EE 65 and 66 transmitters measure both air velocity and temperature via thin-film sensors. Accuracy is 2 to 3% at air velocities less than 0.5M/sec. Applications include HVAC, process and environmental control, clean-room control, and laminar flow.

JLC Int'l. Inc.; FAX (215) 444-9219; www.jlcinternational.com.

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A monitoring and control system works with both gas-engine and electric-motor screw and reciprocating compressors. The DE-2500 accepts analog inputs from the engine and automatically controls compressor throughput as a function of suction, discharge, or engine manifold pressure. System also provides safety shutdown, serial communications, and Windows 95/98/NT-based configuration.

Altronic Inc., 712 Trumbull Ave., Girard, OH 44420; FAX (330) 545-9005; www.altronicinc.com.

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When installed in the company's SIR-1000 Series data recorder, the SVB-10 digital video card makes it possible to record and reproduce analog measurement

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