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DN TOC 3-6-99

April 3, 2000 Design News


New-wave engine

Engine design and packaging are key to bringing surfer's dream to life. By John Lewis

Sound system
A molded polyurethane composite helps one company make automotive audio enclosures that meet the acoustic and physical challenges of the road. By Joseph Ogando

Explosion protection standards get in sync
Move toward global standardization gives engineers more options for specifying electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas. By John Day

Adhesives tape passes road test
A high-strength adhesive bonds panels to posts on custom trailers. By Karen Auguston Field

Engineering News
Sensors help drivers stay awake
EV1 unplugged
Pneumatics pump up drone
'Quantum mirage' makes nano-circuits possible
Hankerin' for a hangout?
HDTV pushes displays to perform
Jumpin' jack flash cards keep MP3s playing
Mammoth carrier handles 'really big' wires
Valve simplifies leak-free circuitry
Ford picks new composite for bedliner
Cylinder senses piston position
Clamp ring fights downtime

New Products

Designer's Corner


Tech Bulletin
Late developments that shape engineering

'California dreamin' ' does become reality. By Paul E. Teague

OEM Journal
Two views of e-commerce. By Larry Maloney

Guest Commentary
Economical motion control: low dollars and good sense

Hot Products
Regional Technical Editor John Lewis picks noteworthy power transmission products.

In Brief
Computer productivity tools

Featured Products
Inventor's new release eases design process

Trapezoidal screws have centralizing threads

Managing Design
Time is perishable

Letters to the Editor
Readers state their views

Hold those donuts

No Problem Problems
Here's the best (and worst) of the no-problem problem solutions.

Design News Editorial and Sales Staff
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Design Engineers and the Internet

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