The Ninja Next Door

DN Staff

April 19, 2010

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The Ninja Next Door

“In the Search for a Hot Job Title, Enter the Ninja” reads the byline for a recent Wall Street Journal article that caught my eye. The article goes on to describe what it means when we see “Ninja” listed as an occupation on someone’s resume. The term, coming from the name for Japanese warriors, is used in the software engineering world to describe someone who is particularly skilled at what they do.

Ninja is just another trend in the job title world; in the past we saw “guru” become popular, and before that “evangelists” were people in the tech world who could “go out and convince customers to go with the new technology” according to Valerie Frederickson, CEO of a human resources firm in California. Today, a ninja is generally a young person who is “willing to do a lot with a little.”

Where did this term come from then? Well, if you ask the Japanese a real ninja is someone who is stealthy, intelligent, righteous, patient, and a military expert. has done their part in helping ninja grow as a job title with its ninja brain teaser contest, which it hosts at job fairs and industry events. Amazon is looking for software writers and the more of a “ninja” a job candidate is, the more likely it is he or she will get the job.

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