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Diamond Systems Launches a Series of Linux Software Development Kits

December 23, 2009

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Diamond Systems Launches a Series of Linux Software Development Kits

SOFTWARE/HARDWARE:  Diamond Systems Corp., a leading supplier of ruggedized single-board computer (SBC), embedded-ready subsystem (ERS), and I/O expansion modules targeting real-world applications, today launched a series of Linux Software Development Kits (SDKs). Each SDK includes a tiny solid-state IDE “flashdisk” module - preloaded with a Linux OS - that plugs directly into one of Diamond’s SBC or ERS products, ready to boot and run immediately. With all required drivers pre-configured and ready to use, these Linux-bootable flashdisks complement Diamond’s reliable processor modules to create solid-state Linux-based embedded computers.

Linux 2.6.23 Inside

Each new Linux SDK includes a Linux 2.6.23-based filesystem that’s tailored to work seamlessly with a particular Diamond SBC or ERS product. Standard peripherals supported by preconfigured and preinstalled drivers within the provided Linux image include:

PS/2 mouse and keyboard

RS-232 serial ports

IDE storage devices

Ethernet networking

Additionally, each SDK includes Diamond’s exclusive Universal Driver, which provides support for the associated processor board’s onboard data acquisition functions. Demo programs for analog and digital I/O operation are also included.

Other features of the provided Linux filesystem include: Slackware 2.6.23 Linux kernel, EXT3 filesystem, Grub version 0.97 bootloader, BusyBox version 1.10.4 utilities, DHCP, SSH, SCP, FTP utilities, GCC version 3.2.3 toolchain including gcc, g++, and gdb, and text-only interface (various GUIs can easily be added)

Software Development Kit Contents

Each Linux SDK includes:

- A Linux 2.6.23 Software Development Kit CD for the target single board computer

- A 1.2 x 1.7-inch flashdisk with a bootable Linux image for the target single board computer

- An Installation Guide with easy-to-follow instructions to get started

Each Linux 2.6.23 SDK CD includes a binary image of the flashdisk’s contents, which can be copied freely onto additional flashdisk modules during the end product’s manufacturing process. The SDK CD also contains full source code of the kernel and the root filesystem - plus a complete GNU development toolchain — making it easy to add code, libraries, or applications, and rapidly develop custom images using a “known good” build and tools environment.

Availability and Pricing

The following Linux 2.6.23 SDK models are immediately available for use with the Diamond processor board products indicated:

Linux SDK Model

Supported Processor Board

CPU Supported

SDK Flash Disk Size

Qty 1 price


Athena II SBC

VIA Mark

512 MB



Helios SBC

DMP Vortex86

128 MB



Hercules II SBC

VIA Mark

512 MB



Neptune ERS

Intel Atom, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo

512 MB


- Edited by Liz Taurasi

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