Moxa Bolsters Network Control Panel With Device, Inventory Management

Moxa Inc. has updated its industrial network-management software with a number of new features that allow for better visibility into third-party devices and more broad and accurate reporting, the company said. MXview 2.2 is the latest version of the Taiwan-based company's software designed specifically for configuring, monitoring, and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks.

The software includes broad functionality that lets managers keep a close eye on industrial networks, including a feature that records network events and replays past incidents and trend graphing to track the use of bandwidth and the rate statistics of error packets.

Network administrators can detect problems in real-time with the software through the use of SNMP trap/inform or by periodically polling the network. They can also configure the network to send notification alarms through SMS, email, or locally, according to Moxa.

New management and reporting features in the 2.2 release aim to give network managers a more intelligent view of their networks in general, allowing them to better maintain their health and operation, said Ray Hsu, a Moxa product manger, in a press release:

    The ultimate goal of industrial network management is to maintain a consistent flow of data through the network and generate productivity improvements, To achieve this goal, network administrators need easy-to-use yet highly accurate network management software that helps them maintain network health. That's why Moxa continues to devote R&D to enhancing MXview's smart visualization functions. We want to give users a hassle-free graphical troubleshooting tool.

Hsu is referring to visualization enhancement in MXview 2.2 that allows third-party devices connected to the network to display more information about themselves, such as their power consumption. The release also adds diagnostic features such as an embedded management information base (MIB) browser and MIB compiler to extract and read MIB parameters from third-party devices. This enhancement gives network managers more insight and control over industrial networks that use not only Moxa devices, but also others from third parties, the company claims.

Device management isn't the only new feature of the product update. MXview 2.2 also includes enhancements to its inventory support and device availability reports that can be exported as Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV or PDF files.

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