Made w/Code Initiative Trains Female Techies for Google's Ranks

At this year's Google I/O, the spotlight was pointed on gender inequality in the high-tech industry. Google has established a new initiative -- Made w/Code -- that it hopes will level the playing field. Part of this initiative will fund online courses in basic coding. This funding will allow thousands of women to take three months of online coding courses for free at the Code School.

Google's Made w/Code initiative is attempting to inspire women, and even young girls, to enter the IT industry via courses and extra-curricula activities.

For those of you who don't know the stats on the number of females in the tech industry: it's about 25% in the IT field and 18% of computer science grads. Now, this is a marked improvement on previous decades where women were barely represented at all within the technology industry.

It is uncertain what difference this initiative will make as many women may opt to go into other tech-related fields, like graphic design, instead of IT. But whatever happens, at least everyone is being given a fair shot at these jobs.

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