Kleverbeast Brings Mobile App Creation to Non-Techies

Have you ever had an amazing idea for a game-changing mobile app, but did not possess the immediate time, money, or expertise to invest on your grand mobile invention? Kleverbeast, a new player in the mobile app creation business, recently released a beta version of its new software aimed at helping inexperienced programmers bring their theoretical apps to life.

Much like Wordpress and Tumblr, online services that allow users to easily launch and publish their own websites or blogs, Kleverbeast offers users a browser-based platform that allows for the creation of Android and iPad apps. The drag-and-drop interface provides users with an artistic approach to app creation. By providing people with all of the tools necessary to generate a fully functional mobile app, customers are free to unleash their inner Picasso on a template-based design without a single line of code. It is truly a remarkable way of opening the app market door to those who are not yet well versed in the software coding revolution.

The intuitive software runs on a SaaS model and, even in its beta stage, is chock full of available and customizable features. These include: seamless social app integration, push notifications, hot spot interaction, integrated HD video streams, multiple platform publishing, in-app advertisement, app analytics, in-app purchases, RSS integration, and many more.

Though in its early stages, Kleverbeast's new mobile app platform is shaping up to be a valuable product, bringing app creation within reach of the average consumer. The small company has already secured $2 million in seed funding and $1.5 bridge financing from investors. Currently, Kleverbeast offers its services at three price levels: KB+ ($29/month) targeted to artists and average content creators; KB Pro ($199/month) for small business targeted customization; and a negotiable KB Enterprise price range for larger business. An additional $99/year developer account is required to publish finished works directly to Apple's App store.

After taking the tour, it appears to be a great service for those who produce content, such as art, food, and music. An app that performs a unique function, like a resistor calculator, seems outside the scope. What this does prove is that producing even the most complicated "app" is just around the corner. It's the first step in the right direction.

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