Dean Kamen's House Rivals Best Industrial Museums

Read John Dodge's in-depth interview with Dean Kamen!


Inventor Dean Kamen's home in Bedford,
NH is nothing less a mini-Smithsonian or the
Northeast version of the Henry
Ford Museum
in Dearborn, MI.
In fact, the 40-ton steam engine that graces the residence's soaring lobby was
purchased from the Ford
Museum. Design News Editor-in-Chief John Dodge interviewed Kamen in late October and
by sheer luck, the interview location was switched from the Deka offices in Manchester to his large hilltop home 10 miles away. Dodge snapped about 100 photos of
the contents in Kamen's unique home, whose primary theme embraces machinery circa
the industrial revolution. 

Research and Development Corp., employing 200 engineers working on a variety of
innovations, was founded by Kamen in 1982. Kamen, 2004 Design
Engineer of the Year
and holder of 440 U.S. and foreign patents, is
consistently ranked in DN surveys as one of the greatest engineers and
innovators of our time. He appropriately arrived for the interview from the Deka
offices in his own Enstrom 480

The photos in the galleries below (please scroll down to view galleries) show his partiality to engines. The
purpose of the machines and Americana
are sometimes obvious or not. The galleries start with my arrival by car followed
by his in a jet-powered helicopter and a myriad of industrial artifacts.
Take a tour through Dean Kamen's house below, and let us know what you think at [email protected].

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