Codeanywhere Takes Software Dev Tools to the Cloud

Electronic gadget consumption is rampant. With it, embedded systems is on the rise and the last domino falls on software coding. It is estimated that by 2020, the demand for coding jobs will reach more than 1.4 million in the US alone. Even in today's world, software coding is in demand, and rightfully so, as every program we currently interact with was created through coding.

Software engineers typically sit at a desk while crunching out code, which can quickly become monotonous. Those monotonous hours, days, weeks, and years may become a thing of the past, as more businesses and software startups are transitioning to the cloud to host their respective development tools.

Companies such as ShiftEdit, Koding, and Cloud9 IDE have taken their development tools, including Node.js and JavaScript (among a host of others), and have adapted them for use in the cloud. This lets users work from anywhere using their mobile devices. One of these startups, Codeanywhere, has recently been awarded a $600,000 US Series A investment grant (financing for new businesses after seed capital) from World Wide Web Hosting, which it will use for developing new features for their proprietary software, scalability, and developing native mobile apps.

Codeanywhere (formerly PHPanywhere) allows users to edit code online either on laptops/PCs or mobile devices (running Android, iOS, or BB Playbook) as long as there is a connection. The in-browser editor supports the more widely used software languages, including HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, and JavaScript, and the utilities to manipulate them.

The Codeanywhere suite features all the major tools needed to edit source code, including Code Editor (Syntax highlighting, code folding, smart indentation, etc.), FTP client, CSS editor Dropbox, and Sandbox support. The software works with all major browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, that work on both desktops and mobile devices. However, the company has developed native support with an app for mobile devices. Codeanywhere, headquartered in Croatia, states that they have more than 150,000 users since their venture began and offers their software suite for free. They do have a premium version that costs $5 per month -- a premium team version will be available sometime in the near future.

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