AMD Fires Up to Release New Graphics Card

AMD is as ambitious as any other computing company when it comes to its hardware. However, with its latest graphics card it is going to be raising the bar for the possible capabilities offered. The new card, priced at just under $4,000, is going to be building off of the FirePro series chip sets. In addition, it is designed to support next-generation high-definition displays and be compatible with the Open Computing Language (OpenCL).

The FirePro W9100, as it will be called, is going to come packing 16 GB of DDR5 memory and a bandwidth of 320 Gbit/s. It will offer over two teraFLOPS of double precision computing power and over five teraFLOPS of computing performance. Each graphics card will feature six display ports, each capable of driving a 4K display simultaneously. Overall, the W9100 will allow professionals to work in real-time and work in their content's native resolution.

Engineers will benefit from being able to interact with entire assembly drawings and create pieces with a higher visual resolution. As a result, the graphics card will address the need and constraints pointed out by its customers. These include assembly size limitations, a lack of real-time interaction in 3D drawings, and data size capabilities, along with simulation accuracy.

Other areas the graphics card will have a great impact on include applications that require cloud streaming and high-performance computing. This is where the compatibility with OpenCL will be most beneficial. More and more computing systems are integrating multiple processors, and even different types, such as CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, and FPGAs. OpenCL is a framework that was created to allow programmers to create applications easily that harness the power of all the processors. In the case of GPUs, it allows applications access to the GPU for non-graphical computing.

A complete list of specifications can be found here.

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