Altair Teams With Design News for Webinar on Drop Test Simulation

We have all accidentally dropped electronics at one time or another. Who hasn't dropped their smartphone, MP3 player, or TV remote on carpeting, linoleum, hardwood flooring, or concrete? Dropping electronics can be hazardous to the components themselves, and the impact tends to reduce their lifespan.

Companies know this all too well, and have devised testing methods on the effects of prolonged impacts on their respective products. That physical testing can be costly and time-consuming, and as a result, more are turning to simulation software to accomplish the same tasks.

Software simulators become even more relevant as electronics become smaller, like those found in mobile devices. Microelectronics allows companies to pack more components into their devices, making them more functional than their predecessors; however, the more components that are packed into said devices increases the possibility of something breaking when dropped. As the component population increases, so do the chances of failure.

Engineers have an incredibly tough job of diagnosing the myriad of outcomes during drop testing, as each test can produce different results with factors that include height, impact surface, and even the environment (hot, cold, rain, and snow become factors).

There are several software suites on the market that companies can choose from, but they lack in comparison to Altair's HyperWorks. The software allows manufacturers to design test their products using a host of software for modeling, analyzing, visualization/data management, structural optimization, multi-body dynamics, and even fluid-structure interaction.

The idea behind the software is to shorten the time companies require to design and test their products and get them to consumers. In some cases, the process can last a year or more depending on the development and testing cycles alone. This is where HyperWorks excels as companies can accomplish most of those tasks, including FDE modeling, drop analysis parameters, post-processing, and after-action reporting using a single platform to shorten that time span.

In an effort to demonstrate their software suite for those interested in learning what the platform is capable of accomplishing, Altair has teamed up with Design News to host an online webinar, "Drop Simulation in Electronics: Design Robust Products While Shortening the Time to Market." Attendees will be able to watch demonstrations on Altair's drop simulation solution, and highlights focusing on CAD data, including materials/property data and simplifying geometries. They will also provide demonstrations on automatic setup of contact, drop orientation with provided solutions, as well as automated post-processing and report results using their software suite.

Presenters for the online webinar will include Altair senior director of Global Electronics and Consumer Goods Molly Hong Heskitt, technical specialist Fredrik Nordgren, and DN brand director Rich Nass. The webinar will be held on August 28 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Click here to sign up today!

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