7 Tips for Improving Software Development in 2017

In 2017 teams will have the opportunity to apply lessons learned and improve not only the quality of their software but also improve the way that they develop software.

As the year is quickly coming to a close, developers are anxiously counting down the days until the holiday break. With that break will come a brand new year where teams will hopefully have the opportunity to apply lessons learned and improve not only the quality of their software but also improve the way that they develop software. Here are seven quick tips on how to improve software development in 2017.

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Tip #1 – Slow Down to Go Faster

In my travels and career there is one development constant that is always true; there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything that management wants. Many teams that I encounter are frantically working as quickly as they possibly can. I’ve noticed that with high product development intensity, discipline often goes out the window which results in decreased productivity through poor decisions, increased bug rates, and decreased code quality. Sometimes slowing down and keeping a disciplined approach despite the delivery pressures is the only way to move forward faster.

Tip #2 – Schedule Continuing Education Time

Embedded system technologies have begun to change at an extraordinary rate. New techniques and tools seem to be appearing almost on a weekly basis. Even the most seasoned and senior engineers can get pulled into the rut of just repeating the same design cycle over and over again. Developers need to carve out time in their schedules to read technical papers, discover new development methodologies and techniques, and even to experiment. Pull out your calendar and schedule at least an hour once a week for expanding your technical knowledge.

ESC, Embedded Systems Conference, Boston

ESC Boston is back! Get ready for an expanded, expert-led program over two full days, May 3-4, 2017. Part of America's largest embedded systems industry conference series, ESC Boston gives you the chance to drill down into four tracks covering embedded hardware, embedded software, connected devices and the IoT, and advanced intelligence.

Tip #3 – Expand your Network

Talking with other engineers about the challenges they are facing and how those challenges are being solved can dramatically help improve your development cycle. Very rarely does someone face an issue that has never been seen. Networking with other engineers and managers can provide contacts that can become sounding boards for challenges, advise givers for solving a problem, a network for finding that next career move or just for inspiration into what innovation is occurring in the world.

Tip #4 – Consider using a Development Platform

Microcontroller technologies and tools have advanced drastically in the past several years. The capabilities are now providing ways to abstract out components and low level drivers and focus instead on providing product features. Many microcontroller vendors are providing autoconfiguration tools, software stacks, and application code that is becoming product quality. Investigate what platforms are out there and how they can be leveraged to provide a foundation for product development. The days of starting from scratch at the driver layer and developing bare metal software are over.

Tip #5 – Improve the Debugging Process

I’ve recently heard multiple figures thrown out for how

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