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Design News Advertorial: Coverage from NIWeek 07 Day 2(Special Advertising Section)

August 9, 2007

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Design News Advertorial: Coverage from NIWeek 07 Day 2(Special Advertising Section)

August 9, 2007

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Spotlight Story:

Day 2: National Instruments Looks into the Future NI used NIWeek 07 to talk about future plans including LabView, a new website section called NILabs and mechatronics. Full Story


Embed Your Ideas Faster with NI LabVIEW 8.5
With National Instruments LabVIEW 8.5 software, you can quickly design, prototype, and deploy code to a variety of embedded targets using a single platform. LabVIEW is inherently parallel, with extensive I/O, analysis, and control IP, making it an ideal tool for accelerating the embedded design process. Learn more about designing embedded systems, Click Here.

More Day 2 Coverage:

Ambient Helps Reading Minds Move Wheelchairs
At NIWeek 07, Sanarus Medical Inc. is demonstrating a cryogenic solution, freezing breast cancer tumors using a small probe that's inserted through a minor incision. Full Story
Innovation, Lightning Don’t Mix
Eliminating noise pollution is becoming a major concern in many fields, including aircraft design. Boeing is tackling this with extensive sounds studies, all performed with increasingly large arrays of microphones. Full Story
Put $50 on Idea 1
The University of Tulsa headed south to Austin for NIWeek 07 to demonstrate its revamped GM Equinox SUV, part of the Challenge X contest. Full Story
Punchy Demonstration
Lego Mindstorms are on display in Texas at NIWeek 07, with teams ranging from 11-year-olds and high school students to professional engineers. Full Story


Photos from the Show Floor:

NIWeek 07: Show Floor Gallery
Visit Design News' show coverage page to browse through our images taken from NIWeek 07 keynotes, presentations and the show floor for a closeup view of the conference. View Now

National Instruments Looks into the Future
Ambient Helps Reading Minds Move Wheelchairs
Innovation, Lightning Don’t Mix
Put $50 on Idea 1
Punchy Demonstration
NIWeek 07 Show Floor Gallery
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