Design Engineers and God

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March 26, 2007

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Design Engineers and God

I hate my long commute to work, but NPR makes it tolerable and this morning hit the jackpot. Its show This I Believe aired a listener commentary by electrical engineer Bill Nunan who talked about his evolving beliefs in  God and difficulty in accepting the tenets of traditional religion. To give you a flavor of the commentary called My Personal Leap of Faith, here's an excerpt with which I happen to agree:  

"I believe that the fate of our world is not locked in by Scripture, but that the future is shaped by the laws of nature and by what we humans voluntarily do during our time on this planet."

His Scopes-sian commentary is eloquent, concise, courageous and obviously runs counter to what he was taught to believe. My guess is the general population will disagree with him, but that many engineers and scientists could back his ideas. I highly doubt what he believes and the fact he is an engineer are purely coincidental. Certaintly, science and the laws of nature have heavily influenced the beliefs expressed in his commentary. You can listen to it and/or read it at 


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