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Custom Options for Pittman Brush and Brushless DC Motors

Custom Options for Pittman Brush and Brushless DC Motors

Pittman brush-commutated and brushless dc motors can be equipped with tailored solutions to satisfy particular application demands through custom options. Motors can be customized with spur or planetary gearboxes to increase torque and decrease speed; incremental optical encoders for precision motion-control applications to supply accurate feedback on position, velocity, acceleration, and direction; and modified motor shafts for designs as necessary with a flat, journal, cross hole, keyway, slot, groove, gear, pulley, or any combination.

Designers can tailor motor voltage, speed, continuous torque, and other parameters, and specially configure motors to accommodate unique design envelopes or mounting challenges and otherwise adapt to an application.

The Pittman product line is engineered to provide dc motor solutions to power a wide range of equipment and devices across industries, including data storage, medical and biotech, automation, pumps and compressors, and others.

Custom Options for Pittman Brush and Brushless DC Motors
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