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Controller combines motion, drive, and power supply

Controller combines motion, drive, and power supply

E ngineers looking for more precise control than the average smart amplifier can deliver should consider the SB1291single axis motion control module for brush, ac-servo, and ac-induction motors. According to ACSTech80 Marketing Manager Curt Prins, it's a cost-effective combination of an advanced programmable motion controller, an all-digital drive, and a power supply.

The unit employs dual-processor architecture that devotes a servo processor (DSP) to execute the real-time control algorithms and an Intel-based motion processor unit (MPU) to manage other activities. The universal controller is software configurable for dc brush, ac servo (ac synchronous), and ac induction motors and features automatic sinusoidal commutation setup for any three-phase motor.

Available in two power levels, 24 to 60V dc, 7.5A (15A) and 120V dc, 5A (10A), the differentiator between this and similar products on the market is reportedly controller capability. "Most suppliers of controller and drive products were in the drive business first. In contrast, we've been a controller company from the start, so our advanced programming adds to the controller's flexibility in more demanding applications," says Prins. For example, its Position Event Generator (PEG) function generates position triggered events with very small (electronic gate) delays, which is useful in scanning applications where it is necessary to activate external events based on position such as high accuracy laser.

Additional Details...Curt Prins, ACS Tech80 Inc., 658 Mendellssohn Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55427; Tel: (800) 545-2980; FAX: (763) 542-9785; .

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