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Prototyping Predictive Analytic Techniques

March 18, 2019, to March 22, 2019
Continuing Education Center

Don Wilcher

Don is a passionate teacher of electronics technology and an electrical engineer with 26 years of industrial experience. He has worked on industrial robotics systems, automotive electronic modules... More

Today’s digital technology is sharing, processing, analyzing, discovering, and sending streams of binary bits of data that enable users to recognize patterns and predict the future. In this one-week webinar-based course, predictive analytics techniques will be investigated using embedded platforms, Python, and Orange software. Basic data collection, analysis, and prediction of tabletop industrial controls using embedded platforms will be explored.

March 20 - Day 3 - Machine Learning Basics

This session will discuss the basics of Machine Learning. Applications of Machine Learning (ML) will be provided. The hands-on lab project exercise consists of building a simple ML model for analyzing noise using the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express sound sensor. A sound-activated switch will be...
March 20, 2019 - 2:00pm EDT

March 19 - Day 2 - Prototyping a Predictive Analytic Model

Day 2 class is a continuation of the Predictive Analytics introduction session. Predictive Analytics modeling using linear regression will be investigated. The electrical behavior of the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express light sensor will be explored using a Predictive Analytics model built with...
March 19, 2019 - 2:00pm EDT
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