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Now you can earn IEEE Professional Development Hours by attending CEC courses.
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Digi-Key Continuing Education Center, hosted on Design News, will get you up to working speed quickly in a host of technologies you've been meaning to study, but haven't had the time, via a series of 45-minute online lessons – all without leaving the comfort of your lab or office. Our faculty of expert tutors has divided the interdisciplinary world of design engineering into five dimensions: microcontrollers (basic and advanced), sensors, wireless, power, and lighting.

All of these topics will be tackled in a dedicated week of interactive tutorials where you can ask questions of the tutor, discuss knotty issues with your fellow students, and download a wealth of additional learning materials. (Don't worry if you can't attend a particular course live – seminars are also archived, and our online educational discussions take place 24 hours a day.)

Upcoming Classes

CEC Semester Sixteen 2019

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Dec 13, 20192:00pm EST
In this class, we will give examples of multi-sensor data fusion, which include robotics, autonomous vehicles, and military aviation.
Dec 12, 20192:00pm EST
In this class, we pull together the lessons learned in the previous sessions to come up with a general approach to the problem. We will demonstrate how systems can be developed and discuss some of the tools that will prove useful. This includes frameworks that can be applied to multiple problems.
Dec 11, 20192:00pm EST
Understanding the types of sensors involved is critical. Each type of sensor contains different information and covers a different spatial range. By layering sensors in an intelligent way, we can develop the picture required for the task at hand.
Dec 10, 20192:00pm EST
Many types of algorithms can be used in multi-sensor data fusion. Many are statistical, but not all. In this class, we will discuss the types of algorithms available.
Dec 9, 20192:00pm EST
In this class, we will review the sensor fusion problem and lay out requirements. The use of multiple, heterogeneous sensors requires more processing and is more complex than situations using a single sensor type.

Exploring Vision Devices

Aug 30, 20192:00pm EDT
Participants will engage with smart vision devices topic through a hands-on lab project. A discussion on intelligent cameras will be presented to participants including basic components of the smart vision device. Participants will explore this technical topic using the Google AIY Vision Camera...
Aug 29, 20192:00pm EDT
Applications of vision devices in the industrial sector will be discussed in Day 4 of the webinar course. Participants will apply the vision system pipeline discussed in Day 2 for categorizing vision applications with the industrial sectors. Lab Project: Teaching Pixy2 Cam smart sensor for Object...
Aug 28, 20192:00pm EDT
This session will discuss the major components of a machine vision system with participants. Also, off-the-shelf vision devices for makers, educators, and engineers will be identified and explored in this session. Lab Project: Part 1- Introduction to the Pixy2 Cam smart sensor .
Aug 27, 20192:00pm EDT
Day 2 session will allow course participants to explore the market of Machine Vision. Within the discussion, participants will learn Choices, Confusions, and What’s Important elements of the machine vision market. Lab Project: How to attach and use a Pi Camera with a Raspberry Pi single board...
Aug 26, 20192:00pm EDT
A review of the technologies being deployed in embedded vision systems will be presented in Day 1 session of the webinar course. Participants will be presented with a vision system pipeline which will serve as the model for investigating embedded vision systems. Lab Project: Build an Augmented...

Microprocessor-Based Industrial Controllers

Jul 26, 20192:00pm EDT
One benefit of a microprocessor-based industrial controller is the increased capability for connectivity. This may include connectivity between controllers, as well as between controllers and higher-level control systems. It may also include HMI devices both local and remote. Finally, we will look...
Jul 25, 20192:00pm EDT
Continuing the theme of giving specific application examples, we will look at other types of controllers. These will include topics such as burner control, tank level control and protective relay control.
Jul 24, 20192:00pm EDT
It is important to understand actual applications in the field of Microprocessor-Based Industrial controllers. By studying these we can get a good grasp of the issues involved and the engineering process. In this first lecture on the topic, we will review various types of motor control. Control of...
Jul 23, 20192:00pm EDT
A variety of microcontrollers are used. We will discuss the commonalities of these devices and then explore a sampling of specific devices commonly found in these applications.
Jul 22, 20192:00pm EDT
In this lecture, we review the history and detail the concepts common to industrial controllers. We lay out the types of algorithms that are used and the conceptual basis for controller design.