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February 28 – Day 3 – Beginning Graphics Interface, Hands-on (Part 1)

February 28, 2018 - 2:00pm EST

The complexities of some IIoT applications require sophisticated user interfaces beyond the simple inputs and outputs that we covered so far. Integrated touch-screen graphical LCDs now allow us to effectively build a tablet or mobile handset into our devices, but developing these can be daunting without acquiring and mastering the right tools. In our third class, we will look at an application that will use a self-contained demonstration board, the NXP OM13092, that includes a touch-screen LCD, as well as a number of useful ports and I/O. We will make use of the free MCUXPresso development tool, as well as a demonstration license of the Draupner Graphics TouchGFX design tool. We will set up the design environment and look at how the tool can first simulate then assist us in programming the target board.

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