US Digital's T7 Networked Absolute Inclinometer

April 10, 2010

The T7 is a sealed, rugged, high resolution
inclinometer based on MEMS accelerometer technology. It operates over a full
360 degrees of rotation and communicates by either a serial or CAN interface.
The T7 was specifically designed for concentrating solar power applications and
can be easily mounted on a mirror or trough assembly to provide angular
position relative to gravity. The product is designed for harsh outdoor
environments by utilizing a UV stabilized polymer material and sealing to meet
IP67 standards. The T7 is also fully programmable to provide the best
performance for each solar application. The T7 provides a very simple means of
determining the exact angular position relative to gravity for a rotating
member in a concentrating solar application. Concentrating solar applications
require very precise positioning of the moving reflective member relative to
the sun in order to provide maximum conversion efficiency. The T7 solves this
requirement by supplying high resolution and high accuracy information to the
solar control loop such that the concentrating solar application can
continuously peak its energy production as the sun moves from dawn to dusk. The
T7 differentiates from its
competition by offering very high angular accuracy (0.1 degrees) over a full
360 degrees of rotation, high resolution (up to 36,000 positions per 360
degrees), low cost ($225 single unit), positional stability over 0 to 70 C
temperature range and the choice of either RS232 or CAN
communication. Competition offers high angular accuracy over a limited
angle of rotation, lower resolutions, much higher single unit costs and outputs
are many times not serial communication but rather analog or current loop
outputs. The T7 provides the exact requirements for Solar Tracking Systems.

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