Tesla Promises To Roll Out EV With 300-Mile Range

March 27, 2009

Tesla Motors says it has begun taking orders for the Model S , an all-electric sedan that carries seven people and travels an extraordinary 300 miles between charges. A press release posted on the company’s website yesterday declares that the new model, expected to cost about $50,000, will be rechargeable from 120V, 240V, and 480V outlets. Using the 480V outlet, the company says the Model S can be recharged in 45 minutes.

The announcement is significant for several reasons: Up until now, pure EVs have offered a driving range of 70-150 miles, with recharge times typically taking six hours. Tesla’s latest claims would represent a huge boost for EV technology.

Tesla says the Model S will offer a choice of three battery packs, which will enable ranges of 160, 230 or 300 miles per charge.

The website press release did not indicate what type of battery would be used, how big the battery pack would be, nor what it will weigh. It also did not say how long it would take to charge the vehicle at 120V or 240V.

The California-based car company said it expects to start production of the Model S in late 2011.

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