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March 20, 2000


The 2BC Series of multi-tube connectors is unique because it has integral push-to-connect fittings, and doesn't require any other attachment. This eliminates the cost of purchasing additional fittings and the labor to install them. Four line configurations are offered: 10 and 12 1/8-inch, 8 1/4-inch, and 10 4-mm OD tubes. Reported to be suitable for most types of soft tubing, the connector is rated to 125 psi and is made of aluminum, nickel plated brass, Buna-N, and EPDM. Although, other materials and configurations are available.

Twintec, Inc., 19639 70th Ave. S., Kent, WA 98032; FAX (253) 395-7753;

Safety switches

SI-LS42 switches can be wired to machine safety control circuitry to keep a mechanical guard locked at up to 1,000N of force until hazardous motion has come to a complete stop. They are recommended for use with 2-channel emergency stop safety modules and gate monitor safety modules. Selectable features include the locking mechanisms, the actuators, and solenoid voltages.

Banner Engineering Corp., Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55441; FAX (612) 544-3213;

Cable insulation system

Cell-Tek(R) Insulation System permits the manufacture of cables with extremely large, open eye patterns, providing transmission lines with digital bandwidth I/Os >2.5 Gbs over 50 ft. Featuring a uniform and dispersed cell structure that can be used in multiple pairs within a cable without closing the eye, this insulation provides internal pair skew >1 ps/ft and pair-to-pair skew >5 ps/ft. Also, a wide range of communications cables which are EMI/EMC shielded and exhibit >-80 dB from 0 to 1 GHz is offered.

Montrose/CDT, 28 Sword St., Auburn, MA 01501; FAX (508) 793-9862;


Polyclutch 'EM' precision electro magnetic clutches/brakes are designed to afford dependable precision torque management in critical applications such as high-speed engage and disengage. Special features include a precision-machined steel armature having a controlled 0.004 to 0.007 inch air gap for enhanced repeatability. The pre-loaded, backlash-free construction is reported to eliminate residual torque. The bonded coil has a controlled air gap and features premium class F windings rated at 150C. Also available as a slip clutch/break.

Custom Products Corp., 457 State St., North Haven, CT 06473; FAX 203-288-5325;

Cable Sensor(TM)

Cable Sensor, a presence, motion, and limit sensor for hostile environments, is designed to be immune to the effects of extreme temperature, corrosive spray, powders, and abrasive dust, and can be used in liquid submersion applications. The device uses a stainless steel cable to contact a moving object and transfer that motion to the control electronics. System sensitivity is 0.1 inch, dynamic range is greater than 72 inches, and sensed-area capacity is 0.1 inch to 500 ft.

Synnate Controls, 3 Post Oak Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376; FAX (636) 272-1494;

High-voltage insulator

This material, a silicone rubber compound for molding high-voltage components, has been formulated to replace polymer insulators in the T and D industry. Long-term water repellency, excellent dielectric properties, impact resistance, and weatherability are among reported long-term benefits. Their EPDM and silicone based components for T and D applications include dead-end/suspension insulators, line posts, station


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