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October 18, 1999

6-mm-diameter motor

Six mm in diameter, a new electronically commutated dc motor with Hall
sensors is the smallest of its kind, according to its maker, Maxon Motor ag. The
2.8-gram motor turns at up to 100,000 rpm and has an assigned power rating of
1.2W. Nominal voltage is 9V dc, maximum continuous current is 500 mA, and
maximum continuous torque is 0.260 mNm. Maxon is developing a range of
6-mm-diameter planetary gearheads for applications requiring a higher torque at
a lower speed. Applications include: medical equipment, aeronautics, and
semiconductor manufacturing.

Maxon Motor ag, Brunigstrasse 220 P.O. Box 263, Sachsein CH-6072;

LED display cube

RGB Sunlight-Visible LED Display Cubes render all colors of the displayable
spectrum, according to the manufacturer. The units employ dot-matrix lamping, in
which different-colored LEDs are arranged within a cell so that when illuminated
they appear to produce a single-color light. Each LED within this RGB array can
be addressed individually or collectively, allowing red, green, and blue light
to be precisely controlled in pro-portion and intensity. The RGB-1005-001 has 1
dot-matrix cell comprising 4 red, 2 green, and 2 blue LEDs. The RGB-1006-001 has
4 cells for a total of 8 red, 8 green, and 4 blue LEDs. Applications include:
display signs, status indicators, outdoor scoreboards, and billboards.

Ledtronics, 23105 Kasiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505; FAX 310-534-1424;


A wear-resistant bevel gearing replaces the common worm or face worm gearing
in a new right-angle gearbox. Ratio range is from 6 to 60, torque is up to 90
Nm. Efficiency remains constant independent of the ratio, and is approximately
95% at rated load. The design is available as a geared motor in a compact design
or as a gearbox with mounting flange for IEC standard motors.

Lenze GmbH & Co KG, Postfach 101352, Hameln D-31763; FAX 310-534-1424;

Integrated drive/guide

MiniSlides combine drive and guiding functions within a single unit and are
based on standard pneumatic cylinders. Designers can use them in large numbers
in small automatic assembly systems to carry grippers, rotary elements, power
screwdrivers, or clamping devices. The product series comprises three versions.
Model MSS is a rugged design suitable for pick-and-place applications involving
heavy elements. MST is a narrow model; MSN is a slimline version for long travel
requirements. The integrated linear and ball rail systems from Deutsche Star
provide stability and precision. MiniSlides are available with diameters of 8 to
25 mm and with different basic stroke lengths.

Rexroth Mecman GmbH, Bartweg 13, Hannover D-30453; FAX 310-534-1424.


The Millennium family of integrated controllers combines relays, switches,
counters, timers, sequencers, and a memory bank. The smallest model has 4 inputs
and 2 outputs, the middle model has 6 inputs and 4 outputs, and the largest has
12 inputs and 8 outputs. The two larger models are available in both ac and dc;
the dc models can accept both analog and digital inputs. Programming is via the
8 pushbuttons and visual display on the front panel, or by plugging a laptop or
PC into a socket and downloading programs. The Visual


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