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November 15, 1999


The model 1689 and model 1690 are two new regulated 28A dc power supplies.
Using a standard 115V ac as power source, both bench-top units can provide
variable voltage outputs of 1 to 15V dc, and up to 28A (at 13.8V) in continuous
operation. They were specifically designed for use with radio equipment, and as
car-battery substitutes for high-power car stereos, cellular phones, or ham

BK Precision, 1031 Segovia Circle, Placentia, CA 92870; FAX (714) 237-9214;

Flanged immersion heaters

Glo-Quartz(R) flanged immersion heaters, for tanks or pressure
vessels, are intended for liquid or gas heating applications. Standard model
flanges in sizes from 2 to 14 inches are rated for 150 lb pressure class. And
optional rating models are available to meet standards for 300, 400, 600, and
900 lb. classes. Flanges and heating elements are available in a variety of
materials. Standard operating voltages are 240 and 480V ac. Heaters are
available in immersion lengths from 131/2 to 863/4 inches.

Glo-Quartz Inc., 1550 S. Euclid Ave., Tucson, AZ 85713-1712; FAX (520)

Ultrasonic sensor

A new flat-profile proximity sensor combines a new piezoelectric transducer
and microprocessor technology for reliable detection of a wide variety of label
edges as thin as 0.051 mm. Featuring a 25.4-mm deadband for close-up mounting,
the Superprox (R) model SM607A-A08 has a fixed sensing window of 12.7 mm
within a sensing range of 38.1 mm.

Hyde Park Electronics, 1875 Founders Dr., Dayton, OH 45420-4017; FAX (937)

Multi-axis laser system

The Laserdyne (R) 790 BeamDirector (R) is a high-speed
cutting, drilling, or welding system for flat or 3D parts that can be integrated
with either Nd:YAG or CO 2 lasers. The product has a five-axis beam
motion that allows a part to remain stationary during processing. It is suited
for applications in automotive, aerospace, job shop and general manufacturing

GSI Lumonics, 105 Schneider Rd., Kanata, Ontario K2K 1Y3, Canada

Polyamide adhesives

Three new Proform TM polyamide hot melts offer both thermal
stability and chemical resistance, up to a UL 94 V-O flammability rating for
electrical applications. New Proform 3640, 3641, and 3642 are single-component,
water-, and solvent-resistant adhesives and molding polymers that offer adhesion
to most surfaces.

Loctite, 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067; FAX (860) 571-5465.

USB keyboard encoder

The USAR GeniKey TM is a bootable USB keyboard with built-in PS/2
port. It allows systems that do not come with PS/2 ports to use readily
available PS/2 output devices, without special drivers. And a USB hub is
unnecessary, because the second USB port can be used for other devices.

USAR Systems Inc., 568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012; FAX (212) 226-3215;

Wire and tubing cutter

The model WC300 automatic wire and tubing cutter is a compact,
stepper-motor-driven cutter that can process wire and small cables from 2.59 to
0.025 mm, and sleeving or tubing up to 7.93mm. The product can cut up to 12,000
pieces per hour of 25.4-mm wire, or 6,900 pieces per hour of 254-mm wire.

Eraser Co., Inc., Box 4961 Oliva Dr., Syracuse,


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