Motors and Motion Control Enter the Smart Connected World

September 27, 2018 - 2 pm EDT
Maxon Precision Motors

We’re seeing motor and motion control products break into two factions. On one side, motors and motion components have moved into the world of mass production. These high-volume, low-margin components have become commoditized and can be quickly sourced around the world. These standardized products are getting deployed widely in packaging.

On the other side, we’re seeing a major shift in motors and motion control as they become customized, more intelligent, and more connected. These products come with sensors and IoT connections that enable safety and predictive maintenance while communicating with control engineers about their health.

Out on the edge, disruptive technologies are beginning to emerge. We’re seeing developments in frameless motors as well as variable-reluctance motors designed for easy maintenance. Owners will be able to replace coils without removing the motor from the machine.

This webinar will explore developments in commoditized motors and motion control components as well as looking at the new technology-enhanced products that are customized, intelligent, and connected.

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